SW9VE and Taurus PT945
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Thread: SW9VE and Taurus PT945

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    SW9VE and Taurus PT945

    I was offered a straight up trade.... My sw9ve 9mm for a friends Taurus PT945 (45 cal). The sw9ve is my carry weapon, as well as would be the taurus 45 cal if I did the trade.

    Was trying to get some opinions if this is a good trade, I love my sw9ve it fires everything I put in it and is accurate. I would hate to give this firearm away and regret it later.

    Any help I would greatly appreciate it


  3. Ive owned and carried both. Sigma is lighter but that's about it. 945 is a great gun for the money. The only thing about Taurus is they rattle a bit. And you can't beat a .45. O think its a good trade.

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    I wouldn't trade.
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