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Thread: How often do you use your CCW? 5% of the time?

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    Everywhere but work.

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    I carry approximately 40% of the time. I have in the past few weeks increase that to 100 percent. I do not carry in. Work buy I leave it inside of my vehicle. I use to bicycle about 15-20 miles daily to work out and get back in shape. I did not carry because I felt no need until we had some people attacked on the bike trail. I have not been biking again until I get a proper holster to at the minimum carry my walther 22. I have one in arms reach at all times other wise.

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    How often do I use my CCDW? Never, dont have one. How often do I carry? Excluding work, 100%. Even when I shower, its less than 2 feet away on top of the toilet.

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    Everywhere but work, and I can neither confirm nor deny that I have ever carried there

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    Quote Originally Posted by TruckTurner68 View Post
    I read that only about 5% of CCW permit holders carry regularly what about you? I carry every day.
    A 10% - 20%
    B 30% - 40%
    C 50% - 60%
    D 70% and up
    My company doesn't care if we carry, so long as there are no job restrictions, or when we're going to be on one of the Military Bases. Off work, I carry everywhere allowed. Otherwise, I lock-up, and reholster once permitted.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Edsworld View Post
    If what you read is true, there are a lot of people here that are not being truthful.
    Most people with a license or permit would never join a site like this. They take a class to get what they need and that's all the involvement they ever have. For quite a few of them, that's the only time they ever handle their gun. I've had to help quite a few of them on the range. It's kinda scary sometimes when you think about it.
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    Condensed Guide To Ohio Concealed Carry Laws

  8. I carry 90% outside the house. Only not when entering a bar or casino. I have few around house within arms reach at all times.

    At work is my issue my director says No! But the police captain would like me exercise my right because of I hold a CPL and I collect money." We are always a few minutes always but seconds do count"

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    I call it my American express card outside of work. Never leave home without it

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    Go SAF & NRA/ISRA lawsuits!

    100% of the time... that I'm in a neighboring state. All Chicago & some Illinois politicians suck!

  11. All the time.

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