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Thread: How often do you use your CCW? 5% of the time?

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    If my eyes are open, my pistol is on my hip. There have been times my eyes were not open and it was still on my hip. I don't shower with it, but it lays by the shower. It does go to bed with me, sleeps under the edge of my matress. Chambered, cocked, and locked 100% of the time.

  3. amen


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    Everytime/Everywhere except where prohitited.

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    Me Too !!

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    I carry 24/7 365 days a year.
    I carry on the Job.
    Off the Job.
    With the wife.
    By myself
    And I train,train,train,and them I train !!!!

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    98% of the time when I'm not at work, at work it's locked in my car.

  8. Exclamation

    D. Everyday

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    Always carry.

  10. Carry percentage.

    I carry 100% of the time that I can. Work does not allow it but my wife and I both carry whenever we go out. Don't ever want to need it and not have it.

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    All the time unless, it's prohibited. I don't walk out my front door without it and I sleep with it right next to me.
    Sic vis pacem, para bellum

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