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Thread: How often do you use your CCW? 5% of the time?

  1. Only about 5% of the time right now. Likely to go up. Mostly a 'comfort' thing. With my CCW and holster, I can conceal in regular 'business casual' fairly easily, but it does dig in after a few hours and get really uncomfortable, in any belt-based position. I suppose I could get a shoulder holster, haven't looked in to that yet.

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    I only conceal about 8-9 hours s day but out side of work I am always open

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    Carry every day!

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    Quote Originally Posted by walt629 View Post
    What, pray tell, in your infinite knowledge of every memebr of this site, would make a pin head like you come up with a statement like that? So I take it from your statement you believe that the people here don't CCW? We just like to visit "sites like this" for what reason? I'm quite sure everone here is waiting with baited breath for your most wise answer. Did it ever occur to you that there may be a slight possibility that we come here to see what other like minded individuals have to write?

    Please in the future, limit your meager responses to subjects that you have first hand knowledge of. Oh, and can you fill us all in on what range you work at so we can avoid it and you. Any range that has a closed minded pin head like you working there or heaven forbid actually owning it cannot be an enjoyment. Too much arrogance floating around.
    Maybe you should read what is posted more carefully before responding to it, especially before slinging insults over something you obviously didn't understand. I didn't say anything about the people who post here, though what you posted does make it somewhat tempting in this particular case. Go back and read my post again. I said most people who get concealed carry licenses don't join sites like this. The membership here would be enormous if they did, and those folks would know a whole lot more about guns too, which is what I was lamenting.
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  6. Casual CCW

    I carry in my briefcase most days at work, but I ride a bicycle to work some days which makes it difficult. Outside of work I carry 10%. The places I carry most often are church and malls.

  7. It depends on where I am going to be for the day. If I am going to a larger city, I always take it. If I am going to be around home or will be in safer places, I don't carry it.

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    I carry close to 100% of the time (D).

    Like others have said, I obey the laws of my state, as well as the laws of other states. That means when I am in Illinois I carry 0%.

    I am hoping the last state in the country to allow concealed carry will fall in line. Since my state borders Illinois, it is a huge inconvenience for me to travel to or through that territory.

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    (D) for me.

    The only places I don't carry is in the Post Office, or doctor's office/hospital.
    Any other place where carrying is allowed, I'm carrying.

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    Always. except at work (stupid rules).

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    All the time, everywhere I go. Period. If I'm there, its not a gun free zone. If its a gun free zone, I'm not there.

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