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Thread: How often do you use your CCW? 5% of the time?

  1. Everyday concealed carry...there used to be one 24/7 in console but I quit leaving guns in vehicle especially such as a S&W 4" 686 or such. For awhile I kept the S&W 638 Airweight Bodyguard there but now it's the most carried. If I'm traveling others will rejoin the group especially if family is with me. Carry guns are always clean, checked and properly lubricated. Speedloaders, speed-strips(Bianchi) and/or mags are also regularly checked. You wouldn't wear shoes without soles would have to have proper support items/accessories in good condition which negates having to worry about equipment and therefore you know you're prepared and can just go about your day. Important is the right to carry and important is to do it right and with the best way you can...right...whoo! that ought to be enough

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    95% of the time (not counting work since it isn't allowed on a military base).

  4. I carry almost all of the time outside of work. I am a teacher so carrying at work is not an option.

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    I am within reach of my defensive tool (gun) at all times. Except where federally, or state mandated I can't. In those cases I pick and choose when to enter that zone of unprotectiveness to hopefully maximize my safety. I am blessed in that I've been given permission to carry while on the clock, and the pastor of my church has authorized me to carry concealed on the property of the church (including inside). I'm not paranoid .....I just want to have the option of defending my and my family up to and including lethel force if necessary.


  6. When I first got my permit I carried alot, now not so much.

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    I don't carry all the time, work on military installation where firearms are strictly forbidden.
    I look at risks/places travelling to, CCW if warrented.
    CCw when travelling long distances. -Make sure my permit is valid via reciprocity in the states I'm going thru.

  8. D I carry everwhere it is legal.

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    Less than 1%. I very rarely carry a firearm unless teaching or sport shooting.

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    Unless I'm going to have a drink, I carry 100% of the time.

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    After having my house broke into with my wife inside during broad daylight and taking the cops 45 minutes to get there (when their office is only 2 miles away) I always carry now except were expressly prohibited. I beat the cops back to my house and I was over 30 miles away.

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