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Thread: How often do you use your CCW? 5% of the time?

  1. I carry 100% of the time when I'm not working. When I'm working I have it with me just not on me.

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    D, actually more like E

  4. D= I carry every where I can, even At church with permission.

  5. Never leave home without it. Have a lock box installed in POV for use the few places that I can't carry. I'm a retired LEO carrying under LEOSA

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    As often as possible.
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  7. Illegal for me to carry at work, otherwise 100% of the time!

  8. 100%
    My wife asked me just about 30min ago. Do you really need to put your gun back on.
    I just got out of the shower.
    Yes, I do.

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    Where can I find the article?

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    Praise the Lord and pass the ammo. I would carry in church, but they have 3 LEO's working as ushers and they pack. I lock my Mini Cougar 8040 in the car on Sunday in church then put it back on after.

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    I will post the link by tomorroe night i'm on my phone not near pc.

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