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Thread: How often do you use your CCW? 5% of the time?

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    not really 100% because I remove it in my person but still within reach when I go to I can't take a shower or a bath if I have it in my person.
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    anytime i leave the house the gun is on me. period. in the house there is some within reach if need be.

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    D. I carry everywhere

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    The only place I don't carry is at work. I'm a miner, so I leave it in my vehicle. I won't leave it in the change house. Otherwise, it's always with me. Concealed is concealed.
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  8. I carry all the time. I'm self-employed so I can carry anywhere. Except the few places its prohibited here in Indiana. I carry at church also. So E) 95% of the time :-)

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    I carry all the time as well except for at work. I will not leave the house without it.

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    I think the percentage "might" be lower outside of people who follow a forum. Maybe not though? There really isn't a good way to tell. Good question though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dbaierl View Post
    my wife asked me just about 30min ago. Do you really need to put your gun back on.
    I just got out of the shower.
    Yes, i do.

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