Do CCW holders livein a dream world????
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Thread: Do CCW holders livein a dream world????

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    Do CCW holders livein a dream world????


    What do you think?

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    Not this video AGAIN.........

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Axeanda45 View Post
    Not this video AGAIN.........
    Agreed...can we please get this thread locked.

    It has been debunked fully since it aired. They actually lied to the "students" before putting them in the test room. Several actually asked if they needed to worry about a second shooter and were told unequivocally "No" by the producers and "instructors." If it is a real life situation, you don't tell the subjects stuff like that.

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    I think that this video is very sobering indeed.

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    Recently I took a course that was Utah CCW combined with video "shoot/don't shoot" scenarios. I volunteered to be the first guinea pig for the video, and was dealt a bank robbery situation with a surprise second shooter. I dropped the first guy - 2 to the chest and 1 to the head. And then, as was meant to happen, a second shooter from above and to my right let loose with an automatic weapon and wasted me. This video reminded me of that, except with airsoft pistols instead of video simulation.

    Now a couple of points here. These students were set up to fail:

    1) The situation represented an uncommon and complex self-defense scenario. It's much more likely that any of us will be defending against a home invasion, street mugging, or simple robbery vs. being in a u-shaped lecture room with limited mobility and crowd chaos.

    2) The second shooter was in their peripheral vision...except they were wearing protective headgear which exacerbated the well-documented "stress tunnel vision" effect. On top of that, students had to fumble with what looks like hockey gloves and snug fitting white "did I get hit" tops. Not to mention that they were likely using unfamiliar airsoft firearms.

    This sort of exercise can (and should) serve as a sobering reminder that a firearm does not make you invincible, and that each of us has a responsibility to practice defensive shooting and take opportunities to train whenever we can. IT DOES NOT MEAN THAT CCW HOLDERS LIVE IN A DREAM WORLD. And I really resent the spin that ABC puts on the story...but what do you expect from libtard media?

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    Interesting. Most of you likely know this already, but awareness of typical physical responses to this kind of incident is critical - tunnel vision, auditory suppression, and loss of fine motor control are commonly reported experiences. It helps to know to expect it and have a trained response to it. For instance, when we practice for such a scenario in a tactical shooting class I take, after taking initial defensive shots, we move to the right or left to take ourselves out of the shooter's range of vision because he is also experiencing tunnel vision.

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    Is this that frakking "If I only had a gun" video? It's like 2 years old and ABC got so much hatemail the day after it aired they had to shut down the comments section
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    A reality test, but also a major setup to give the gun control folks the ammunition.

  10. We live in a dream world? Hahaha ill say this, we have a better chance then people who have nothing but a wallet and a cell phone. Just saying.

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    So - ABC is evidently proposing that it is preferable for the gunman to have no one shooting back. That would certainly make his work easier.

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