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Thread: How does an old fat guy carry concealed in the summer?

  1. Buzzboy

    I carry an IWB with a loose button up short sleeve shirt. Very easy access.

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    This is a very interesting thread and I learned a lot. I too am in this situation and a fanny pack may be the way to go for me,
    any suggestions.

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    OK, I'm ready for the "slings and arrows", but I carry in my "man purse". I have used it for a couple of years and everyone around here is used to seeing me with it. They don't have any idea that there is a loaded 9mm and extra magazine inside. I fabricated a custom holster that snaps into the bag to secure the weapon. Works for me.

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    I heard no slings nor arrows about Jack Bower's carry-all...and it can hold some C4, timers, and caps besides....just sayin'

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    How does an old fat guy carry concealed in the summer?

    The REAL question here is.....

    WHY are you interested in how I carry?

    But.... since you are asking.... does it make my butt look big?

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    I have several pairs of cargo shorts I carry my LCR in its Blackhawk pocket holster in the cargo pocket.
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  8. Try one of the concealed carry vests that are marketed by Sportsmen's Guide. Lots of pockets for carrying a cell phone and camera, plus it solves the problem of what to do when having to take a sitdown when nature calls.

  9. A special panel in my pack

    I make ballistic panels for backpacks, carry-alls, and such for threat level 3a protection, like carrying a piece of body armor vest that weighs about as much as a bottle of water, and for my personal gear I add a nylon holster pouch for my keltech p3at. The panel slips into the back of my backpack and the pouch is mounted about 4 or 5 inches below the top of the panel for easy access from my top zipper.
    I can set I you up with a similar "bulletblocker" panel set up with a holster pouch for your weapon or I can mount heavy duty velcro strips for your holster (or add a strap for a clip etc. i'll give you a good discount as a dav.

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    I pocket carry my LCP weakside, Carhartt jeans in winter and cargo/hiking shorts in summer. The LCP is so thin it just looks like I have a cell phone or wallet there, no printing.

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