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Thread: Rust?!??

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    Does anyone know a good product to put on the slide/barrel to keep it from rusting. I live in MS and it's hot and humid and with my Crossbreed holster it causes rust within a few times of carrying. I carry a Kimber Pro Covert II and it has a Blake slide and chrome barrel... I don't know how to keep it from rusting or how to get rid of some of the barrel rust. I use lots of CLP and RemOil.

  3. handgun-maintenance-cleaning-gunsmithing/5777-what-best-gun-cleaning-products.html
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    Turtle Wax was a standard in the days before stainless steel.

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    Try Breakfree its good stuff

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    I have the same problem.... finally solved it by buying (I know lots cannot afford to) a cheaper carry gun (stainless slide and resin framed) that I wouldnt care about much if it got a little rusty.

    To the OP.... I have found that leather (and nylon to a smaller extent) holsters wick the moisture off of you and holds it, hence the weapon has constant moisture on it. With leather, you can apply wax to the back side (part that touches body) and heat it up with a hairdryer and it will absorb the wax.... might need to apply lots of coats, but it will help. I used a candle and just rubbed it on leather before heating.

  7. Oil.

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    In general 1911 style pistols rust a lot better than Glocks. Lose that sissy Kimber and get yourself a Glock.

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    This topic was one of my preferences for my SCCY 9MM Polymer and Stainless steel.. The only rust issue I have had is at the Pins..
    Someone did a study of nails and salty water and determined CLP was the 2nd best product at resisting rust.. The 1st was a difficult to find product.. The CLP has keep the rust at the pins to a minimum.
    As one of the posters stated or alluded to, you may want to silicone/wax the backside of your crossbread so that it will not absorb as much moisture.. I also wear a t-shirt between my holster/gun and my skin. This keeps quite a bit of moisture away from the holster/gun.

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  11. Lube it with wd40. It removes rust and inhibits it

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