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Thread: Why get a non resident permit?

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    You may want to travel to a state that does not honor the permit of your state but might honor another states's permit.

    Or, you may not be able to get a permit in your state but you are able to get a non res permit from a state that your state does honor. Like in my case, I live in NC and am a legal resident alien but not a citizen. So I can not get a NC permit but I can get a UT non res permit which is honored in NC. Voila.

  3. And, Missouri currently has a 23 year old age limit. An 18 year old can get a Maine non-resident permit to carry on in Missouri.
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  4. I used to travel a lot in Va. even though I didn't live there and am pretty well covered by my Pa. and Florida permits. It was relatively easy to get and I figured it's sure a lot easier to present a Va. permit in Va. rather than trying to explain the concept of reciprocity by the side of the road at night.

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