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Thread: Top 10 Best Guns For Conceal Carry?

  1. Small guns are nice to carry, tough to shoot. Depending on the weather, I'll carry a full sized 1911 or a 3" SP101. I'm not a big fan of double stack semi-autos for concealed carry. I find the thicker grips print more than a single stack or the stubby snubby grips. Yes, I have tried carrying a few double stacks IWB, they just don't work for me.


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    I always carry large pistols. 1911 full size 45acp. or a 92fs. I don't like the little guns because if you need more than one shot with a high caliber in a 3" barrel it takes more time to acquire the target again. I still get a kick out of watching all those people at the range that purchased an XD or Glock in 40 caliber sub compact trying to hit a target at 7' and still missing it. Gun just jumping all over the place and they can't understand why? I do carry a Smith and Wesson Chief special in 9mm for backup, but that was what it was intended for, BACKUP.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tucker's Mom View Post
    This reminds me of this cowboy I met at our Swift Fly-in in Tennessee...he said the same thing to me when I pointed to his pocket carry. To the uninitiated you'd think what he had on was a cellphone. Then he showed us and I was impressed -- it's a fold-up revolver! ignoramus me have never seen one before, you see. After a few beers (them, not me...) ...oh look! how time passed by so quickly....
    Heh! I went from a S&W 645 (I'm aging myself) to a G19 to a G26 (pocket carry). I'm thinking about going to a S&W 642 airweight. :)
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    I got it off by heating the area around the hub a little with a torch then beat it out enough to get a steel wedge between all three bolt locations. By working the wedge in a little then going around at each bolt tab, it finally came off. Looks like the protector mounted on the shaft end that covers the inside of the bearing should have a rubber seal of some kind to keep dirt out of bearing, cuz they are easy to bend out of shape. Anyway got it done.

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    I'm getting a bit "long in the tooth" too, but at 5' 11" 220lbs my EDC's in order of preference remain:
    CZ75B 9mm Stainless with an 18rd SP-01 mag,
    CZ75 P-01 9mm with CTL grips,
    S&W 4" 686+ .357 mag
    Preference trumped by the State I am traveling in & what back-country I'm exploring.
    Seasons have no bearing as I can conceal all quite well, even in shorts & a "T" in the Summer.
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    Ruger LCR is what I carry, lightweight!!!!

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    Here's my 3 main carry firearms...

    Kel-Tec P3AT .380 (or Ruger LCP) with belt clip for very light clothing (basketball shorts, tank top)
    Kahr PM9 for summer carry (shorts, t-shirt, polo, etc.)
    Glock 27 for winter carry (jeans, long sleeve shirts, jacket)

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    Arrow Top 10 Guns for concealed carry

    1- Glock 27
    2- Glock 26
    3- Glock 19
    4- Glock 23
    5- Glock 22
    6- Glock 17
    7- Glock 30
    8- Glock 32
    9- Glock 21
    10- Glock 33

  10. Carry gun

    Im not getting into any gun fights so hi cap weapons are no use to me I carry the kel tec .380 6+1 power ball in one mag critical defense in the other I can keep it in my suit coat pocket a shoot through it when the time comes ill never have to pull it out and it wont weigh me down

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tricky View Post
    5'8 152 full size custom 1911 and I hit every damn time on the bill drills thx. Wear a big shirt. It wont jam. It wont miss. If you miss b.c you are bad you can use it as a club. Its so big you probably wont ever need to shoot it if you ever do need to pull it. BG's arent smart, and lets be honest glocks look like toys.
    Glocks look like toys? show me a 1911 anything thats as reliable, or as accurate at anything out to 25 yds, out of the box at any price, I will agree that a heavyer weapon is easyer to shoot, but what small advantage a custom 1911 may have does not justify the cost, to me anyhow, but pretty never did anything for me, I'l take a black gun before polish and wood grips

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