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Thread: Top 10 Best Guns For Conceal Carry?

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    Quote Originally Posted by G50AE View Post
    1- Glock 27
    2- Glock 26
    3- Glock 19
    4- Glock 23
    5- Glock 22
    6- Glock 17
    7- Glock 30
    8- Glock 32
    9- Glock 21
    10- Glock 33
    Hey I got half your list, LOL only because I don't like carrying the bigger guns, and I like to keep shooting cost as cheap as possable, (WWB at Wally World)

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    I carry a glock 17 it's all about the holster u get so spend some money and get something nice I use a Minotaur iwb I can wear a t shirt and shorts and no one knows I am carrying

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    Boberg Arms XR9s - 9mm +P rated, pocket rocket. Reduced felt recoil. Muzzle energy of a weapon with a longer overall length. Check out the web site Boberg Arms.

    They are just now taking the first orders from people that have been on a waiting list dating back to 2008. There will be two types of CC gun owners. Those that have an XR9s, and those that have one on order.

    Really; read about it. It is a pretty slick piece of design work. Pay attention to the loading mechanism and the impact on barrel length and muzzle energy. Look at the interaction between the owner/designer over the last few years. He went through 9 design iterations (with no revenue or pre-paid orders) before he was satisfied he had a gun he was willing to put his name on. It is expensive; but comparable with the few pocket guns that have "high end" manufacturing/performance. It should beat the hell out of the others on performance and durability.

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    Glock 27

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    Quote Originally Posted by THE DUKE OF ESSEX:209610
    I always carry large pistols. 1911 full size 45acp. or a 92fs. I don't like the little guns because if you need more than one shot with a high caliber in a 3" barrel it takes more time to acquire the target again. I still get a kick out of watching all those people at the range that purchased an XD or Glock in 40 caliber sub compact trying to hit a target at 7' and still missing it. Gun just jumping all over the place and they can't understand why? I do carry a Smith and Wesson Chief special in 9mm for backup, but that was what it was intended for, BACKUP.
    That means they can't shoot. I still hit my Target at 35'. That's with a Glock 27 , 40 s&w

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    There is no best top ten for concealed carry. You top ten are likely different than mine. It doesn't matter if the handgun is large or small, the grip should fit so that you can efficiently and safely operate the weapon. Decide how much you are willing to spend for practice ammo. A box of 9mm ammo is about half the cost of 45 ACP. Polymer frames are a lot lighter to carry. Most people can carry anything for a few hours, but after 8 to 16 hours a day its nice to cut the weight is half. Smaller light weight handguns are available in most calibers and I would recommend trying several models before buying. I'm 5'9 and 185#, I carry a Glock 19 without a problems, other than the fact that it reduces my wardrobe in the summer. Some for the new compacts and subcompacts have magazine extentions available that allow a better hand fit. Shoot before buying or your carry gun could wind up in storage or as a reduced value trade-in.

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    Glock, Kahr, Sig Sauer, Springfield, H&K, Colt, Browning, Beretta, Ed Brown, Para USA, S&W, Ruger, etc. The most popular may not be the best for you, but most make something that would please you, your mission, should you choose to accept it is to find the ideal carry arm for you.

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    Springfield XDM 9. 4.5"barrel. 19 + 1. I carry full size as my primary all the time and Rueger LCR .38 ankle holster most times also. Wear appropriate clothes .

  10. I carry Taurus PT 709- 9mm and the Taurus PT 145 -.45 Cal great concealable guns nobody know I am carrying and they pack a good punch.

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    Sig Sauer

    I wanted a light trigger on a pistol that won't pull the shot off target. Weight of no more than about 26 oz. 40 S&W caliber is my fav. personal because 9mm too little and I love.45 ACP but it is to Expensive to shoot and practice with all of the time. I shoot a lot of practice and I don't want to break the bank on ammunition. The best I've
    Found is the Sig. P239 SAS Gen. 2 The attention to detail as far as the bore smooth as glass with very little fouling. Never jams or FTF. Accurate I shoot it out to 100 yards and hit the target. Awesome gun, carry it all day long with no problem. Smooth slide to frame fit. I have found that when you spend more getting a Sig. You will definitely get more gun for less. You get what you pay for and Sig is worth every penny. P239 SAS GEN 2. Get one.
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