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Thread: Top 10 Best Guns For Conceal Carry?

  1. Im a big guy and i carry a Ruger P95 9mm it is a great gun for under $400 ive probably put 1000 rounds threw it with no problems its easy to use easy to clean easy to reach safety and magazine release I would recomend for anyone looking for a inexpensive 9mm. On another note I am prabably going to get a glock 22 40 cal gen 4 here in the next month. Not because I dont like my ruger, but because I want more firepower.

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    Im 6'0 and 300lb i have a keltec pf9 but i end up carrying my Glock 19 95% of the time

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    Im 6'0 and 300lb i have a keltec pf9 but i end up carrying my Glock 19 95% of the time
    G19, great weapon. Had one since the late 80's. I got older and started carrying the cut down version of the 19, the G26. The older I get, the smaller weapon I carry.
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    The Harris Outdoor Group (of publications) has recently put out a copy of "Pocket Pistols" with the 2011 "buyers guide" included. If one is looking for opinions, theirs is just as good as anyone elses'.

    Although I have to admit that I am rather distrustful of hammerless pistols (probably without real reason). A lot of concealed carry small pistols are hammerless these days, it seems. I write it off to "safety" considerations, but it is more likely a personal bugaboo. On the other hand, does not virtually everyone in here with an opinion worth more than squat generally end up stating, "Just go with what makes you feel comfortable."? Sound advice!

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  6. If I am just in a car driving around Southern Arizona (where there are some problems) I have a Sig 226 in .357 Sig, when just walking around with bulky clothes a Walther P992c in .40 and when smaller is better a J frame .38+P in pocket holster. And the ammo changes according to what I may expect to encounter. Gives me pause to think about just what I am doing.

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    AZ is open carry state, wear what you are confortable with clothing and weapon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by laorentou82 View Post
    I got it off by heating the area around the hub a little with a torch then beat it out enough to get a steel wedge between all three bolt locations. By working the wedge in a little then going around at each bolt tab, it finally came off.
    What does this post refer to? It seems to belong to a different thread.

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    S&W 642 in right front pocket.

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    Smith and Wesson M&P 9mm with a Blackhawk Serpa Level 2 Sportster holster. I'm a big myself and it works wonderful for me. All I wear is a size larger button up shirt and you can't even tell I'm carrying.
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    I recommend getting a vintage Colt Detective Special.

    I too am a big fellow at 6'5" and 250lbs. But I find the Detective Special easier to carry concealed for hot weather and indoors when I do not want to wear a coat or jacket.

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