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Thread: Top 10 Best Guns For Conceal Carry?

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    There are many good answers to your question. The safest and easiest is...try lots of stuff and see what you like.

    Here is another answer: Get the best 1911 Cmdr (4" barrel) you can afford and wear it no matter how it feels until you learn to like it like an extra leg.

    If you want a modern polymer striker-fired pistol (like the Glock type) follow the example of Colorado State Patrol and go with the Smith & Wesson M&P 40. The handle setup is better, more comfortable than Glock & the XD, and it works the same. Stay with the 4" barrel as it will be light enough and it will satisfy your liking the larger size.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hilltopper34w View Post
    What does this post refer to? It seems to belong to a different thread.
    This guy posted the same responce in several threads on this forum, I think he got lost one day.

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    Glock 19 great gun, conceales easy.

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    Something I'd like to point out is what some apear to know already, even though the small guns are light and conveniant to carry, and I know some will swear they go to the range a lot and are very good with there little 380, or mini 9mm, the smaller and lighter the gun the tougher it is to shoot accuratly, and in a SHTF situation the problem is much worse, your understandably excited, all pumped up, and shooting a 12 or 14 once pistol is very hard to do and hit your target whoever or whatever that may be, I guess what T'm trying to say is carry the largest weapon you can, and unless its something ridiculas you will get used to it, I and several others in our group, guy'e and lady's, have been shooting a long time, and when we are all at the range all of us have several pistols with us and almost without fail we all shoot better with the larger 9mm's 40's and 45's,.... now I do have to say at your average SD range 7 to 10 yds +or- the little guns still hit center mass, sort of,... but we are all experianced shooter's at a range,..... not on the street, I know it may be a little uncomfortable at first, but carry a bigger gun, if you ever had to use it you would be glad you did

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    There are some pretty good responses here to your original query. You are looking for something that has easy concealability and can be large but you want to be comfortable. Let me start off by saying I too am a new shooter and carrier of a firearm. I did around 8 months or so of really serious research before I made my final selection. That research led me in many different directions from just owning a firearm to accessories for the gun to re-loading to prepping for survival, etc. Pretty intense stuff. Here are some of the things I learned about buying a weapon for concealment carry. I am going to focus primarily on semi-automatic handguns and not on revolvers.

    A person can carry just about any size weapon comfortably except for some of the heavy hand-cannons. Concealing it is another story altogether. The length of the barrel isn't the problem when trying to conceal. It's the grip that sticks out and says to anyone observant enough to notice, "Hey, there is a gun under this shirt." Now, it's a fact that most people, at least here in the US, do not observe other people very closely. Especially close enough to see the printing of the grip. But, some do.

    So, the full size weapons are great with standard barrel length which aids very much in accuracy and usually an increase in rounds carried in the magazine. The smaller the pistol, the less barrel length, therefore accuracy, and the less rounds in the magazine. But, they make excellent backup guns.

    However, most pistol manufacturers have come up with what I think is a decent compromise. The compact pistol. The compact pistol usually has a slightly shorter barrel and a smaller magazine, but it has the capability of adding one of the same models larger magazines. Some manufacturers even have sleeve extensions for those larger magazines so that when you insert it it gives you the exact same number of rounds that the larger model does and it feels just like you have the full size in your hand. Two excellent examples of this are the Ruger SR9/.40C and the Springfield XD(m)9/.40 Compact.

    One of the suggestions made by earlier response to your post was to go to a gun store or a gun show and check out the different handguns they have. Pick them up and hold them. Get a feel for how each weapon grips in your hand. How is it balanced? Does it feel good there? Does it feel uncomfortable? There are alot of Glock fans that have posted responses. The Glock is, by reputation, an excellent weapons platform. But, for me and my big hands, those little finger grooves just don't fit comfortably in my hand. Also, if you can, shoot a few different choices on the range. Some of the gun stores have gun ranges and can rent quite a wide variety of guns. This will give you an idea about how the recoil of each gun will affect you and what it sounds like when firing it.

    Something else to consider is calibers. Everyone has an opinion about what the best caliber is. In my research, I found that the general rule of thumb is, for a primary weapon, it shouldn't be less than a 9mm. So, the four choices left are 9mm, .40, .45, and 10mm (even though this is less common than the other three). Most people go for the .40 or .45 because, "if you can handle the recoil, more is better." For me, 9mm is much cheaper to shoot and in my opinion, if you learn to shoot as accurately as you can and you put 9mm rounds center mass of an assailant or in their head, they will go down. I just bought a 9mm, but I hope to widen my options at some point by getting something in both the .40 and the .45 in the future. In other words, don't get stuck on caliber too much. They will ALL work in a critical situation as long as you take the time to grip and aim your weapon of choice properly.

    I did alot of research by getting into forums like this and just reading what everyone had to say. I also went to youtube and checked out some of the gun community there and watched some truly awesome reviews. Hickock45, nutnfancy, sootch00, humans4targets2, fateofdestiny, sturmgewehre, and a host of others have more gun reviews than you can imagine.

    Here are a few guns that I considered for conceal carry:

    Ruger SR9C (this is what I chose as my first handgun)
    Ruger SR40C
    Springfield XD9SC (SC=sub-compact)
    Springfield XD40SC
    Springfield XD(m)9 Compact (my second choice)
    Springfield XD(m).40 Compact
    Kimber Compact II .45
    Kimber Pro Carry II .45
    Glock 26 9mm
    Glock 27 .40

    Other gun manufacturers who are more expensive (which is why I didn't research their guns further)include Walther, H&K, Beretta, etc. Some folks like Taurus. I don't particularly care for them for no real reason. Read about different issues with different guns and dropped from my consideration list I guess. I picked up a Hi Point in a pawn shop and racked the slide back. It jammed in that position. DO NOT GET A Hi Point.

    For smaller backup type guns (all 9mm with 7+1):
    Ruger LC9
    Kel-tec PF9
    Kahr PM9
    Kahr CM9
    Kahr CW9
    Beretta Nano (just heard about this, so I don't know much about it)
    Kimber Solo (I heard this one has problems dropping the magazine out when shooting)

    One more thing to consider is holsters. If you are going to carry concealed, even if you are just carrying a pocket gun, you have to have a holster. You can get an IWB (inside waistband) or an OWB (outside waistband). If you live in an area where you can wear jackets or light button up shirts out, then maybe an OWB would be good. I live in the Great State of Texas and man does it get hot here. Too hot really to wear a jacket and I can't wear a button up shirt (either unbuttoned or buttoned) loose at work so for me, that means an IWB. Do the research, there are many great manufacturers out there for this. The Springfield line comes with a holster, but I would recommend that if you chose this, to wear it only until you get the one you ordered. There is a youtube video where two guys do a demo showing how easy it would be for a bad guy to walk up behind you and with a quick twisting motion get it and your gun away from you. Not good at all.

    Some holster brands:
    Crossbreed Supertucks
    Texas Tucker

    Tip: If you buy a new gun. After cleaning the shipping gunk out of it, go shoot no less than 200 rds of FMJ (full metal jacket) or more and at least 50 rds of whatever self-defense ammo you are going to use. This "breaks-in" in the gun and helps you insure that it will dependably fire those particular brands.

    Last, but certainly not least:
    4 Basic Safety Rules to adhere to at ALL times:
    1. Treat the gun as if it is ALWAYS loaded
    2. Do NOT allow the muzzle to point at or "sweep" anything or anybody that you are not willing to destroy
    3. Keep your finger OFF the trigger until you have the target in your sights and are ready to destroy it.
    4. Know your target and what is behind it, in front of it, and beside it before you squeeze the trigger.

    Remember, research is key. These are just some of the things I have found out. You really should go and find these things yourself. You will be surprised at some of the things you learn along the way. Good luck and good shooting.

  7. I love my glock 19! hated glocks with a passion because of an aquard grip angle, but once i put my hand on my 19 Talo edition, it was love. fit my hand perfect and even tho it was used, it was so purdy i had no question. To each person guns will feel different tho. Hold a bunch, fire a bunch, but most importantly, RESEARCH. Find out if people have problems. talk with EVERYONE who is knowledgeable with guns. obviously you will run into some gun snobs who will ONLY carry this gun or that, but there are quite a few guns that are durable, comfortable, cost effective, and most importantly RELIABLE. Cheap is nice, but when it comes to my life(and I am one of the biggest penny pinchers out there) I will spend an extra couple hundred. just my opinion tho. Whatever you choose tho, make sure to practice with it and take classes. You can teach yourself some things, but guaranteed someone out there knows better...

  8. I'm kind of a smaller guy 5'10 and 155 pounds and I have no trouble concealing my Ruger SR1911.. Some criminals may see the barrel of a 9mm or .357 and they might still proceed at you but NOTHING says stop like the business end of a .45.. if I can conceal it you definatly can.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tricky View Post
    You probably wont ever need to shoot it if you ever do need to pull it. BG's arent smart, and lets be honest glocks look like toys.
    All I can say is ~SMH~

    To the OP, I suggest that you disregard what Tricky said.
    Glock's do not look like toy's and they 'will' get the job done if ever needed.

    Hickok45 has some great advice on Glock's.

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  10. Quote Originally Posted by fordm67 View Post
    Ruger LCR is what I carry, lightweight!!!!
    also dad has been around guns and shot guns owned many guns along with his best friend... But he specifically told me to et a ruger Lcp .... Just perfect size in case u get into a scruffle ....hold in one hand great

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    The classic Colt Detective Special is a very nice weapon for concealed carry. Colt stopped making them about thirteen years ago, I hope they resume production in the near future but you can still find them on the used gun market.

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