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Thread: Rather urgent question regarding AZ CCW

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    I got it off by heating the area around the hub a little with a torch then beat it out enough to get a steel wedge between all three bolt locations. By working the wedge in a little then going around at each bolt tab, it finally came off. Looks like the protector mounted on the shaft end that covers the inside of the bearing should have a rubber seal of some kind to keep dirt out of bearing, cuz they are easy to bend out of shape. Anyway got it done.

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    Tricky, if your plan is to return to Arizona, you may be able to retain your AZ permit. If you are a resident of Arizona most of the year, maintain an Arizona driver's license, register your car in Arizona, and file an Arizona resident income tax return, you should have no problem. On the other hand, I'm not a legal expert. But if I were you, I would do what Kent recommended...contact Arizona DPS CHL/CCW and update them with your temporary change of address.

  4. Kent, thanks for your "serious" and "informative" reply. My thinking was that when you call asking about your CCW in regards to moving they will usually ask a question or 2, like your name and permit # before assisting you with your questions as most official Government agnecies have a policy of doing.

    Likely if I had just kept my mouth shut nothing would have happened, but since I called they will be more than happy to update that I have moved in the system, where the information is then passed to a monkey or robot who stamps it invalid due to no longer being a technical resident. Likely unknown to the polite and good-hearted operator at DPS. A good "sheepdog" knows the only authority you can fully trust is yourself.

    Paranoia in rational doses is quite healthy and may even save your life, or your permit.
    Anyway the point of the post was to get a straight quote of law one way or the other. Since it seems to be the same as the grey area for DL's where you are supposed to call
    but nobody really cares if you dont (except for Kent) I think I will crack a beer and celebrate being an American with balls of steel and plenty of ammo especially in states
    that try to oppress my right to do so. No offense if any enthusiast has found a way to love MD which I doubt with ferocity.

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