Rather urgent question regarding AZ CCW
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Thread: Rather urgent question regarding AZ CCW

  1. Rather urgent question regarding AZ CCW

    Evening fellow sheepdogs. I have a strange situation. I moved from AZ a few months ago, and forgot to notify the authorities in AZ as I seem to remember a piece of paper telling me to do. It happens to be MD which does not honor. I am aware I cannot CC in MD. My question is do I really need to tell them I moved? Can I still CC in VA and NC when I travel there once I cross state line? Is my permit void permanantly because I moved or is it good until it expires? Am I going to eat some penalty or fine for not notifying fast enough? I cant find this information on the AZCCW website so im guessing its not a terribly big deal, I intend to move back to AZ within the year so id rather not spend the money and the wait all over again.

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    Tricky, If you are planning to move back,I would just Keep quite about it.Making sure you Observe all the laws and Regulations.But keep your AZ permit

  4. AZ issues non resident permits. You should have no issue converting your resident permit to a non resident permit. Contact them for more information. I would do so prior to carrying on a permit that may no longer be valid.
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    I have AZ resident CCW. On the back of my card it says: This permit must be presented with an official form of photo identification (driver's license from any state, "........... So, it appears to me that the resident and non-resident permits must be the same. I don't think you need to say anything, but that is just my guess. I would call them and ask, AZ permit people seem very competent and fast. I would think most people moving away would probably not think of calling them, so calling this late, they shouldn't penalize you. And a lot of AZ residents are gone every summer.

    When I moved to AZ, I already had a Utah non-resident. I called them and they changed my address and thanked me. No new card required then.

  6. Notifying AZ DPS

    I lived in Arizona prior to moving to Washington, and I never contacted the DPS when I moved. It is not necessary, unless you are moving within the state of Arizona. I had to wait ninety days to apply for a Wahington CPL, and was amazed that the state does not require any kind of training or proof that you know how to handle your weapon of choice. Two hundred and fifty thousand Washingtonians carry concealed, and very, very few have had so much as having someone teach them about firearms I do send kudos to Arizona for instituting 'Constitutional Carry.' WTG, AZ!
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    I don't see anything in AZ statutes saying you must inform when you move. Since you're planning to move back don't worry about it. If you will not be back in AZ before time for renewal I would suggest calling AZ to let them know of your new address so they know where to mail your renewal packet.

    I have an AZ permit...it doesn't say Non-resident so they make no distinction between resident and non. In fact, my address isn't even on the permit.

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    Some states have time sensitive requirements for stuff like this and the time period may vary from state to state. If you go over the time limit and something happens, even for a driver's license, you might have a hard time.

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    Evening fellow sheepdogs.

  10. g50 thats one of the greatest pics evar. ty for that. also ty everyone for the speedy and informative replies.

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    Notification of move......

    Rather than open up the flood of "opinions" of helpful "sheepdogs" (of which I consider myself one), simply call the AZ CHL/CCW office. I doubt they'd trace youir call, and I'd bet a dollar to a doughnut hole they'd give you the straight skinny. Why wouldn't they?

    Matter of fact, let me know, and I'll make the call for you. THAT oughta confuse 'em......


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