G21 vs XD 40 compact
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Thread: G21 vs XD 40 compact

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    G21 vs XD 40 compact

    Hello friends

    I currently have a sw9ve, with I use for my EDC..... I am thinking of another firearm and it is between the G21 (45ACP) or a XD 40 compact.....i like both of these firearms, trying to get some opinions on which one make my EDC?

    Thanks for the insight

  3. Well you're comparing apples to oranges with these guns but I will say I love them both. If its for CC the 40 is prob the better choice but I have a buddy who carries the g21 with no problems. The way I see it you can't go wrong with glock but sf does make great guns.

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    I have owned a g21 and g36 and an XD 45 tactical.
    the xd is what a glock should be.
    Go to a gun shop and just put each one in your hand. You will see what I mean.

  5. I agree, apples and oranges. Having said that, I carry a G-21 with no problems. I'd sent it to Robar for the grip reduction which is what the G21SF is supposed to be.

    Shoot them both before you decide. Personally, it should be a .45.

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    I trend to like the XD better, maybe I will wait to see when they come out with the XD 45 compact

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    i carry the xd-40 subcompact. very easy to cover up, shoots well, and its a .40. depending on ur body type ect, that g21 might be trouble to cover...

    shoot both then choose, but my vote is the xd.

  8. I carry the XD40 SC as my primary carry piece. When I was shopping for carry pieces I considered quite a few including a several models of Glock. I ended up settling on the xd for a number of reasons. First the XD fit my hand better, for some reason the grip angle allowed me to point the weapon a little better. I also liked the grip safety, loaded chamber indicator and the visible striker at the rear allowing me to tell in the dark if my pistol is ready to go.

    One slight disadvantage is that the XD's striker is either fully back or discharged unlike the glock safe action. This is offset by a striker block internal safety actuated by the grip safety for drop protection. Additionally in ready condition It requires the mainspring to be fully compressed. It also does not allow for any reasonable double strike without short cycling the slide.
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    I carry a Glock 21SF and have no trouble with it most of the time. If I need a compact .45, I carry my Glock 30SF.

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    I prefer to carry .45's over .40's Bo Glock or XD's are excellent SD pistols.
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    Go with the Glock, you will not regret the choice.

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