Crossbreed Holster Shipment
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Thread: Crossbreed Holster Shipment

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    Crossbreed Holster Shipment

    Just got notice from Crossbreed that my holster is shipping today. I've seen a lot of complaints here about the long shipping times of many holster makers. Crossbreed told me 4-6 weeks and today marks 4 weeks 6 days since I placed my order. I am pleased. Can't wait to get the holster!

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    Its worth the wait. Good company good product, but you cant please everybody so every now and again you'll hear a few whiners. Enjoy it.

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    It took exactly 6 weeks from the day i ordered mine until the day i got it. Like anyone else i hate waiting on stuff that i order, but in this case the wait is well worth it.

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    It is well worth the wait. (I have two.) I sort of want a Milt Sparks holster, but think that is close to 6-8 months wait!

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