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    XD .45 tactical

    I have been offered to trade my sigma 9mm, for a XD .45 tactical. This would be for EDC, as that is what I use the sigma for?

    My question is this a good deal, for concealed carry?

    Thanks for the opinions

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    I would have no problem trading for an XD45. Especially if you're carrying OWB.
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    I actually carry IWB my sigma is 4" and the XD .45 is 5"

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    I've always been partial to the 9mm simply because I find it easier to control. I can get 2 rounds on target faster and more reliably with 9mm ... and just can't seem to make that happen with .45. I guess the question to ask is what is the max caliber you can effectively handle? If the answer is .45 then go with the larger caliber with the better stoping power. I'd go with the .45 if I could manage it better.

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    I used to carry my XD .40 IWB with no discomfort. Either way I think its a better gun is definately worth the trade.

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    Very nice. I would go for the trade for sure.
    I'm ready to trade off my Sigma!
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  8. That's a great deal! The tactical version 45 is going to be pretty big, so make sure you accommodate your holster choice to that.

  9. I carry a Service Model XD .45; it requires me to wear a coat or an untucked button-up shirt. I can fit it SOB, but that's akward (and unsafe). It hides under a regular shirt (I have a supertuck) but it definitely makes you look lopsided. I say it's not hidable that way.


    You're upgrading your caliber choice and getting a higher quality firearm to boot.

    If you can conceal the Sigma, and I can carry a Glock 21, you can carry the XD.
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    It's a good deal because you are getting rid of the Sith and Wesson pistol. It's not the best deal because you are not getting a Glock.

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