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    CCW Texas (NY Resident)

    I am a NY resident who should be receiving my CCW in September. I was born in Dallas Texas but was only there one year before we moved to NY. My question is, can I also get a Texas CCW? Does being born in Dallas help? Thanks for any information!

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    Yes you can.

    TX DPS

    I thought I remember reading the the training had to be done in state...or needed to apply in person...but I'm not seeing either of those now.

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    you can apply for a non resadent permit here, but it wont help you in new york. i dont think u can get a resident permit just cause you were born here unless maybe you still own a home here?? but like i said if u get a permit here(texas) NY will not accept it. go to the top of the page and under the usa carry sign (top left) there is permit info there. NY wont take anyones i dont think except there own permits, same as california wont accept my texas chl.

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    I just want to say that I'm sorry for your loss. Even though you were very young when you were ripped away from THE GREATEST STATE IN THE COUNTRY, it must have been very traumatizing. Remember, you can always come home.

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    Thanks for the replys so far. It is funny how when I tell people that have known me all my life, and never new I was born in Texas! And I was raised in NYC! I now live in upstate NY in a small town which has all the benefits of small town living. Just a stated I should be getting my NY CCW in September. My paperwork and training are all done and submitted. Where I live in NY state things are much more lenient, so my NY CCW should be covered. Texas honors a NY permit. So the plan was once I get my NY permit, to apply for a non-resident Texas permit so I have a lot more states covered. I thought about a Florida permit.... But they won't do it since NY docent honor Florida. Any more thoughts?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Renbots View Post
    I thought about a Florida permit.... But they won't do it since NY docent honor Florida. Any more thoughts?

    You do not need any other permit to get the FL permit.

    I would suggest Arizona over FL. Reciprocity is almost identical, prints can be taken by anyone (FL requires LEO do prints), your NY permit will suffice to cover the AZ training requirement, and AZ costs about half of FL.

    Although, if you want to be covered in FL then you'd have to go with FL.

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    Arizona it is. Great website

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