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    New addition

    Hello all,

    I just added a new firearm, and it will be put right into the starting "carry" role. I picked up a XDM .40 cal compact. I really like this gun, and I had it at the range today, very accurate and was flawless. I did not load any JHP in it yet. This will be taking over for my Sigma 9mm, which I have to admit, it was also a great firearm, never gave me a single problem.

    If anyone has any advice on defense loads (carried Hornady Critical Defense) in my 9mm, or any kind of advice pertaining to anything, please let me know

    Thanks in advance

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    I use Winchester pdx1 bonded 180gr in my m&p. Great SD ammo.

  4. I just bought an xd9mm subcompact about a month ago. Sweet shooting gun for the size! As for sd ammo try the hornady 147 gr TAP ammo for 9mm. It's got some punch!

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