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Thread: Why trust that gun?

  1. A lot of people do this because of the talisman-like belief in firearms propagated by TV and movies. Guns are typically shown as mystical, magical things that make bad guys fall very easily when it's pointed at them.

    People think that when they need it, they'll suddenly know how to use it, that it will function well, and they'll do ok with it...and some do get by as there are plenty of instances where someone will struggle back to their room and manage to get their pistol out of their closet/lingerie drawer/mattress and manage to scare off, or occasionally actually hit a bad guy.

    Personally, I'd rather be more confident in both myself and my firearm.

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    Practice, Practice, Practice, Shooting, Clearing, Tap, Rack, Bang, Clearing Stovepipe, Double Feed, Mag Changes until you can do it without thinking. My carry weapons have at least 500 rounds through them prior to carry, weapon on my hip has several thousand rounds down the pipe, and two barrel changes. Would not carry a weapon for personal defense with out extensive practice and rounds down the barrel.

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    You take care of your tools well GG...Our Ford is also about 14 or 15 years old. Everytime it breaks, hubby fixes it. He started learning to be a mechanic working in his father's farm. The military taught him properly. Nothing ever get broken in this house, even guns.
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    My latest addition Springfield XD bought a few weeks ago has already had close to 500 rounds of practice rounds and 20 SD Remington Golden Sabers.

    Will one round do the trick? Hell no! What do you do if the person is wearing a vest, on drugs, etc., this is where more than a Hi-Cap mag may not be enough.
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    Why not?

    An argument can be made that any new gun out of the box is probably a lot more reliable than any person with a gun whom are miles away.

    A side issue is that I haven't decided if I want to keep a gun unless I've carried it around a while. One decided, it get's the crap shot out of it 8-)

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    I saw a guy take a brand new gun out at the range. He fired it exactly 5 times. It locked up tighter than anything I have ever seen. A piece in the slide area locked it up. I couldn't even help. Not that I am an expert. Initially, I thought the slide just locked back.

    The one round they fired at the factory and 4 rounds he fired at the range would have left him one shot to get the job done on a gun he was completely unfamiliar with before it broke.

    I will not trust my life to a tool I haven't used. My Walther has close to 2,000 rounds and my 1911 is climbing to the same range. I have learned the Walther hates Gold Dots. (Fails to feed every time.) Loves a smaller hollow point. The 1911 loves Gold Dots. Go figure. One runs wet, the other dry. Trigger system, mag releases, safety features are different. The biggest problem is remembering which gun I am carrying. This is a concern. The Walther is my 100% back up so there is less confusion. The rest of my pistols will most likely be 1911s. Simplicity is beauty.

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  8. Short answer: Better to have a gun that might malfunction than to have none at all...

    I haven't made it to the range in nearly 6 months. Get up early, go to work (not allowed to carry), go work elsewhere (1 of the places I'm allowed to (but have to drive an extra 40 minutes out of my way in order to pick up the gun), the other places are CPZ), get home exhausted, collapse in bed, repeat... Weekends aren't much better, at least the full-time job doesn't apply. End result is that sometimes I don't even touch a gun for a couple weeks at a time. I carry mine when I can spare the extra time to pick it up when going from CPZ to somewhere I can carry (which isn't often). As far as having time to go out to the range, well, yeah, that's just a dream...

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    Carry concealed and get a small gun such as a LCP. Don't let facisim keep you down.

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    In answer to your question: Foolishness. Ignorance. Irresponsibility.

    I took my EDC to the range monthly (approx. 200 rounds per visit) in the year before I decided to apply for my permit to carry. The ratio of practice ammo to SD ammo used during these visits was about 4-1. The round count & ratio for my Glock 17, which I have not carried, is much more prolific.

    If I were to purchase another firearm for carry, I would have to make multiple runs to the range to put about 2,000 rounds through it before I'd carry it with confidence.
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  11. Those Glocks that work 110% of the time-so that's what you call those "accidental discharges".
    Relative to the original post:Those are the folks who have NGs and have their weapon taken away and used on them because they couldn't get it to go bang that one time when they really needed it.
    I consider myself a very knowledgeable shooter who can handle most any type of firearm. The pistol I carry comes in both a safety/decocker model and a decocker only. I only carry a decocker because very rarely, I fail to release the safety after decocking a safety model pistol. I've had it happen during practice and absolutely don't want that result in a defense situation.

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