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Know how you feel. I have (had forever) a "Hi Standard" .357 six shooter, Sentinel Mark III, with a 5 1/2 inch barrel and adjustable rear sight that I bought used from a friend in 1980. (Before the proliferation of "paper work" was required.) Deadly accurate, even at 60 yards. It sits in my safe now, loaded and ready for "work" and I still "fam fire" it every other month or so.

Now, this weapon is NOT my primary, either for carry or for home defence. I would sell it off..... EXCEPT, there is no "paper trail" anywhere showing that I own this particular gun.... Thus, I would still "own" it even if a complete ban and confiscation went into effect.

AND.... I am a strong proponent of the old theory "If it ain't broke, don't fix it or replace it."

(Probably why my most recent vehicle is nine years old and my "pick 'em up" truck is fourteen. They just WON'T "break"!) LOL!

GG: I am like you in that I have several handguns without a paper trail. I always keep my eye open for a good gun without that trail. The way things are going under the Pied Piper and AG Holder, it shouldn't be long before everything you have with a paper trail will be confiscated. I only have one left that can be traced to me and, when I find something else I like, I will trade it off. Also, my car is eight years old and my pickup is fifteen years old. By keeping them in good condition, I have more money to buy guns.