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  1. I carry with the crossbreed super tuck. 3 o'clock is very easily concealable and is the most efficiently accessible when/if I need to get to it. I also carry appendix if I'm doing a lot of standing.

  3. I have the gun tucked and secure but not in a holster or zipped container. I always am in control of my firearm. BTW

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    Hey B2: In reply to your comments, my thought on "brandishing" would really come up if you should be involved in some sort of road rage or altercation. You now are ready to get out of your car (assuming your car is blocked in or not working in which case your recommended move would have been to drive away) and want your firearm with you. If you could not drive well with the firearm in your holster, you probably cannot get it into the holster from the car floor in an efficient and quick manner and so you will be leaving your car with the firearm in your hand----that is brandishing. This is very different from having the firearm laying on the floor of the car and possibly visible if someone is really looking for it. Remember, at this point in time as you leave your car with your firearm in your hand, nothing has happened that requires presentation of a firearm.

  5. A CCW Law Question

    I have A CCW for TN, recently I traveled through NC, SC, GA. to FL. Prior to leaving I looked up each states governing laws. Try as I might I was still experiencing some confusion at the time of leaving so I went with what I thought I knew. Was stopped in SC and spent an hour along the road talking with a sheriff deputy. My question is has some one put out a book that puts the law language into langauge a "Regular Joe" can understand?

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    Have you tried I recently travelled from FL to GA and found it very helpful.

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    Myself I carry appendix never any trouble getting to the gun be I driving or just walking. By the way appendix carry is without a doubt the fastest way to get at your gun. Also don't let anyone tell you its more dangerous to carry that way. I've carried years like that. Here is the holster that I carry in Dale Fricke Holsters Dale makes the best holsters I've found

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    I am a LEO in FL. B2Tall is correct, you can carry your gun loaded as long as it is concealed. I don't recommend putting it under the seat while driving from a safety standpoint, it could slide under the pedals. + it's really hard to get to if God forbid you needed it. I purchase a plastic Fobus holster and mounted it to the side of my seat in my personal truck. it's concealed and I always can reach my off duty gun while driving. No use having it if you can't reach it. I carry a Glock 23 in a check 6 holster and would have a hard time reaching it while driving. ( seat belt and all ) If you get pulled over just point it out to the cop. worse that can happen is they ask you to step out of your car. Good luck be safe.
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  9. Quote Originally Posted by Camerondavidl View Post
    Just a question. I also carry a glock 23 and carry at 5 O'clock. I think it would be more comfortable to carry at 3 O'clock but cant seem to find a cc holster that will acomidate me. What type of holster do you use?
    I use a kholster holster to carry a full size pistol, 3 o'clock with a forward cant. Very comfortable and completely concealed (no printing). I started carrying at 5 o'clock, but this was not comfortable sitting and hard to get at, I don't have these problems at 3 o'clock.
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