Don't "flaunt" Concealed Carry
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Thread: Don't "flaunt" Concealed Carry

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    We still have a long way to go in these United States. Handgun carry suffered a setback in January with the AZ shooting. As a North Carolina resident, if carrying concealed, we must identify ourselves as a Licensed CCW holder, produce our drivers license and CCW license, which has our DL number on it, when approached by a police officer. We should always respect the views of those who fear guns in general, while they are reciprocating our 2nd Amendment right to own and carry. It is and always will be, a two-way street.

    Jim Sr.

  3. Well said, I agree with you.

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    I am confused. Was the shooter in AZ a concealed carry permit holder? You are correct, our responsibility should never be flaunted in front of anyone.

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    No he was not a CCW holder, although he did answer all the questions on the background check like you or me would answer to purchase a firearm. The problem lays within the local DPS who says yea or nay. If finger prints were required like the CCW he would of never had a firearm. Another problem, all the identifiers of him being a threat to everyone by him not being of a mental state was never reported to the proper authorities. Was this a wake up call, yes it was, was it a cause to ban Hi-Cap mags? Not in Arizona, but now when a delegate is about to speak in public in Arizona there will be LEO's assigned to them for protection.
    The Second Amendment is not about Hunting!!
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    The Arizone shooting harmed all of us and gave ammunition (that sounds a bit out of place doesn't it?) to the Brady Bunch in their mindless quest to destroy the 2nd Amendment. Living in California and fighting the battle for CCW on a daily basis I tend to be perhaps a bit more sensitive to our CCW. I cringe whenever someone states that they have CCW even though they are not carrying at the time. I dread ever being inadvertantly identified as carrying. Don't flaunt but protect our CCW permits.

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    The guy was a nutcase... and the Sheriff KNEW it and did NOTHING about it........ They had ample time to do something about the guy BEFORE he killed those people.... Now who is the one(s) that are to blame? not those of us with CCW's, that is for sure....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Axeanda45 View Post
    The guy was a nutcase... and the Sheriff KNEW it and did NOTHING about it........ They had ample time to do something about the guy BEFORE he killed those people.... Now who is the one(s) that are to blame? not those of us with CCW's, that is for sure....
    Don't let amsgator catch you saying anything bad about the guys with the badges!
    Anyone who says, "I support the 2nd amendment, BUT"... doesn't. Element of Surprise: a mythical element that many believe has the same affect upon criminals that Kryptonite has upon Superman.

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    As many of us are respectful of our responsibilites that are a given when we have a CCWP, there are some who should not have this right.The system for obtaining a CCWP is cursory at best. I have read many threads on many forums and, granted it is my opinion and I do not know anything about some of these writers, the hairs on the back of my neck stand up when I read what they have to say. The old "spoiled apple" motto holds true on CC and almost anything. The trouble with CC and firearms is that the spoiled apple can cause an awful lot of trouble for the rest of the CC community, who have every right to be CC in order to protect themselves and exercise 2A. Just sayin.

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    I am not up completly on this one but if the Sheriff knew that the guy was a NUTCASE then he had a DUTY to take some type of action to deny this turd of any chance to have a weapon.

    Not all Law Enforcement know their job or are trained in diffrent area's that they may or may not come across during their career.

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    kelcarry: You could say the same thing about letting people drive vehicles. (... and THAT'S not a "right" to begin with.)

    Comes under the observation that in every group/classification/collection of humans, no matter their designation of "grouping", there WILL ALWAYS be those ten percenters that are the problem children for the group.

    There are two ways to "deal with" ten percenters; 1) The group "polices" itself. (Home owner's associations, for example.) 2) The Government authorities take care of it. Read: Rules, Laws and Regulations..... most of which are "one size fits all" solutions that affect the 90%ers right along with the 10%ers.

    Thus we end up with various levels of "getting permission" from the authorities to exercise our Constitutionally guaranteed rights. An ornerous situation, but one we, the gun carrying community, generally recognize as necessary to "control" or "weed out" the 10%'ers.

    That, of course, results in yet another "right" being subject to the political climate of the time. It IS a sad commentary on our society if guaranteed rights can be perverted by knee jerk reactions to isolated instances from our "Elected Nobility".

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