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    According to the Constitution of the United States, 2nd Amendment, any PERMIT issued by any government agency is unconstitutional. And you want to add more unconstitutional infringement on our rights? I am all in favor of obtaining training. I am an NRA Certified Instructor. But no way in hell will I ever agree with any additional government mandated training.

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    As for me! --- carrying a firearm is a big responsibility. When I carry I try to consider the thought of shooting another human.

    I know that if and when a day should come! I will not hesitate shooting another person, be it male, or female.

    I feel I know more now by carrying for the last five years then when I started. I think that age of a person gives them a insight of life.

    How much training is enough? I can't answer that question. I spend hours a day reading everywhere on the net seeking knowledge about what is going on in the world around us as far as the use of citizens and firearms.

    I know that the only thing that will stop me from seeking knowledge is death.

    The only thing I can honestly say is: Be aware of what is happening around you as much as possible. Be prepared in your mind to do what is necessary to protect yourself, and your loved ones.

    Be prepared to have your whole life turned upside down if you should ever have to use your firearm for protection.

    The end of the action won't be nice when the authorities arrive and take your firearm, and I feel they will until all is resolved.
    Crime has no boundaries - Carry Safe!

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    Self defense is not just a Constitutional right. It's a HUMAN right. So I don't think the government has any right telling us we can't be armed for protection, period! I do agree however that some people should not be armed without training, or at all, depending on their ability to operate a weapon safely and/or their mental disposition. Common sense stuff. However, all who intend to carry should get trained and stay trained, without having to be told to by the government.
    "No one knows what it's like to be the bad man...." -The Who

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    There is no difference between "no one should have RKBA" and "only people of whom I approve should have RKBA".

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    Quote Originally Posted by amsgator View Post
    I'm assuming you mean 2nd...? Though I concede some people could use some English class before exercising their 1st.

    I think that was the point, amsgator. There is no training required by any institution to exercise your freedoms and rights guaranteed by the 1st, 3rd, 4th, etc., amendments. Why would you require it for exercising those guaranteed in the 2nd?

    I think it is the *responsibility* of every citizen to know the safe, proper handling of a firearm. And should such a citizen wish to carry a firearm for his own protection, it remains his responsibility to acquire a proficiency at doing so. It is not for anyone else to decide how proficient this individual must become.

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    Quote Originally Posted by amsgator View Post
    I'm assuming you mean 2nd...? Though I concede some people could use some English class before exercising their 1st.

    Nope, I meant it as I wrote it..... and was referring to the ignorant among us that think we need training to exercise a RIGHT......... If they want me to have training to exercise the 2nd, then they need some training before exercising the 1st and starting extremely poor thought out threads like this one....

    Well, that was harsh, even for me........

    But I dont think I will apologize ..... maybe it (harshness) is what they need to open their eyes some...

  8. Well some people are overbearing and should dial it back a bit. Sounds like macho garbage and those people will get people hurt by acting without good rational thought. Shoot and shoot again! Hopefully you'll hit something. Hopefully not an innocent person that is behind your target. But they were a casualty of me exercising my rights. Too bad! That's the idiots I'm talking about. To obtain a basic drivers license is easy and requires no advanced training or courses. To obtain a license to drive a bus or fly a plane requires extensive training. We carry GUNS! Figure it out!!!

  9. To the brother that wrote that about the 1st Amendment, LOL! You are dead on!!! Some folks need professional training before they open their mouth for sure. Lots of them in Congress....not to mention spelling, thank God for spell check!

    And the statement about one messing it up for the rest of us, KUDOS!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bighouse Doc View Post
    When you have to take mandated training to exercise a right(any right), you have set up the government to make the right impossible to attain.


    LOL you hit that on the head! My 2nd amendment says "Shall not be infringed" I believe the founding Fathers knew the meaning of all the words when they put that in

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    Our 2A RKBA is infringed enough already. No more go'vt regs required and the ones that already exist should be eliminated. This is a fundamental RIGHT and so differs from a pilot's license, for example.

    Those who carry and who have minimal or no training will figure it out soon enough...or die trying.
    Prov. 27:3 - "Stone is heavy and sand a burden, but provocation by a fool is heavier than both"

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