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    XDM .40 compact

    I have been offered an XDM .40 compact for $450, it has one small scratch on the slide, just trying to get some input from the community, if I should takes this deal. I sm lking towards yes, he said it has never been fired?

    What does everyone think?

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    That's a really good deal, almost $200 off the new price around here. I've had my eye on the same gun. I own the XD9sc and XD45c and just love shooting them, never any problems... Go for it!

  4. mine cost 360 new. but that still seems like a good deal though.

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    I have owned my xd 40 compact for a year and a half. When I take it to the range people try it and most id say end up buying one or trading there gun for one. Very little recoil keeps your sights on the target with so little kick its a nail driver! Great deal pick it up you wont be dissatisfied!

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    get it. good deal. i paid $600 for my xd-subcompact.

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