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  1. Concealed, not concealed

    Looking for a holster to wear concealed to a job, but will be open carry while on the job. Any suggestions? Will be carrying a XD40 compact. Will probably have to have spare mag and cuffs.

  3. Blackhawk CQC Serpa Holster, Safariland has a few (Concealment Holsters ::

  4. Is your coat pocket not an option? How long is/what type of commuting do you do?

  5. Need more information, what type of attire will you be wearing to work, what type of attire will you be wearing at work? Are you looking for a single holster for both environments or will you be transfering your pistol to a "duty" rig for open carry on the job?
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    Yeah, and I don't get the statement of "Concealed, not concealed." I always thought that, "Concealed means concealed!"

  8. For clarification: Currently carry IWB. Retired Law Enforcement(Did I just leave myself open to get bashed?). Living in NJ, may have some security work available in stores such as jewelry stores. Employer wants weapon visible while in store. Attire is black polo and black BDU's. Looking for OWB holster that can be concealable only to and from the job, maybe wear jacket or just tuck shirt in when on rhe job. Just looking to gain some info from experience.

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