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Thread: Cycling assault.

  1. You need to make the other guy fear you more than you fear him. Luck favors the person who is prepared ahead of time. This comes not just from having a weapon, but from knowing how to fight, body mechanics, vital targets, & combat psychology. As was pointed out-a bicycle can be an effective weapon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hoganbeg View Post
    You need to make the other guy fear you more than you fear him. Luck favors the person who is prepared ahead of time.
    Good luck with that. After all, he was so afraid of you that he grabbed you off of a moving bicycle and slung you to the ground like a sack of taters.

    Quote Originally Posted by Hoganbeg View Post
    This comes not just from having a weapon, but from knowing how to fight, body mechanics, vital targets, & combat psychology. As was pointed out-a bicycle can be an effective weapon.
    Awesome, if your bike doesn't go ten feet from where your butt hit the ground. We should go in business and get rich selling tactical bicycles! Mine just doesn't have what it takes.

    I guess we'll never know exactly how to handle this scenario until it happens. It would have to be played by ear because every little detail could be different than what we have tried to describe. As pointed out, training and awareness could be the very factors that save you as long as the "what if's" do not rob you of your ability to be victorious.

    Now..... steering back to the original subject of this thread, I wonder what would be the best way to conceal while riding a bicycle.
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    Quote Originally Posted by johnmed3 View Post
    What abou a fanny pack holster?
    I carry a S&W 637 5-shot .38 cal with a CT LaserGrip in a fanny pack or in the side zip-pocket of my camelback. In the camelback I secure it in a nylon holster with velcro retention strap. I always carried it to scare off the occasional bear or coyote but the OP makes me think. My wife also carries one when she rides alone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hoganbeg View Post
    I suggest we could set up a training scenario with like-minded others and play this out. That would give us some answers. How hard is it to rip a fanny pack from someone?(on the back, front, either side?) What defensive moves work best from a bicycle? Can they remove you with one hand or will they need both? How does that affect your options? Just thinking through the situations will give us a big advantage when and if the time ever comes for real.
    This is one of the best suggestions on here for both deciding how to carry and what to do in the actual situation. I commute by bicycle and ride for exercise and I have thought about this a bit but not to the level you all just have. I think this discussion is worthy of a soft-air-gun simulation to see what would and wouldn't work. Although the thought of getting knocked off one's bike for practice doesn't sound all that fun.

    After thinking through my own situation (which is not that unique) things become a lot more complicated. What I do is I keep my gun in a frame wedge (a bag that sits below and forward of the seat secured by 4 velcrow straps) but after reading through this that may not be the best solution even for me. If someone knocked me off my bike and was after my bike they'd get my gun too and that would not be good (even if they didn't find it until later).

    To further complicate the scenario many cyclists (myself included) ride with their feet clipped in to their pedals. That adds two considerations, first it's harder to take your bike away, second it's a LOT easier to knock you over (I would say one hand would do it in response to another comment). Even without that, if someone attacks you when you're on a bicycle you're likely going to go down to one side or the other. Think about the fact that you will have no control over what side that is. If you're gun is attached to one side or the other youv'e got a 50/50 chance it will be the "wrong" side and that being knocked sideways will make accessing your weapon more difficult. If it's behind your back, again 50/50 chance that if you're on your side there will be pavement between your hand and your gun; with feet clipped to pedals rolling over to fix that gets MUCH harder. Third complication to having feet clipped to pedals is it's harder to use your legs/feet as weapons.

    After thinking through all of that I'm thinking that carrying in front of you would be the best option however you chose to accomplish that. There are links/pictures of 2 holsters in this thread that would do just that. If it's attached to the front of you it's accessable by either hand no matter which side you're laying on. A fanny pack would do that too although potential problems with that are well documented here. Carrying in a bag (on you or the bike) is a frequently considered options for cyclists as it's hard to conceal a handgun under spandex and tight bike jersey's. Open carry is legal in my state now and I might just have to think more about carrying that way on my bike. The sight of the gun just might end the attack before it starts and that would be the best scenario I can think of.

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    My wife and I are fond of "long" runs (Long for us, anyway. LOL!) through the countryside on our bikes. Our worst threat factors are dogs, despite "loose dog" Laws. Generally they put up a show of "defending" their "turf", but rarely (one in fifteen or so) will come out into the road to confront us. We both carry pepper spray for the first line of defence.

    The second threat is motorists who seem to believe that bicycles have no place on the road at all. NC does have most explicit Laws addressing the "equal rights" cyclists have vis-a-vis vehicles.... But, it does bear observing that if less than 50% of drivers can be convinced of the usefulness of turn signals, I rather doubt that the subtle intricacies of other rules of the road would penetrate their thick skulls. There IS no defence against a motorist that kills you, purposely or not. Simply too little reaction time.

    The third threat are the vehicle "stalkers". My wife has had encounters with two of them over the past couple of years. One she avoided by turning into a town area, the second she called me at home and I came roaring to the rescue, armed for bear. Once I pulled up and she pointed out to me the "stalker vehicle", they took off, too far away for me to have gotten a license number. Thus, our second line of defence are carry pistols.

    She carries hers in a belly band, S&W .357 snubbie. I carry mine in a handle bar "bag"/map holder gadget that I leave the top unzipped so I can "get to" my Ruger SP 101 if needed. (Fits rather nicely in a side pouch inside, IWB soft holster and all.) (I'd use a belly band also, but I sweat off five pounds a trip and I'd probably just rust my pistol quickly.)

    The last threat, and I have only run across it once, is a wild dog "pack". We didn't "carry" at the time of the incident, and we could have used up our pepper sprays and still have enough mutts left over to give us a hard time. We were forced to cut through a cemetary to avoid confrontation. Again, the guns would have been the proper defence mechanism if TSHTF. Pick off most aggressive, scare the pack left.

    So, even a simple ride in the sunshine requires situational awareness and an armory!

    Fanatics of any sort are dangerous! -GG-
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  7. mount a boat horn on your bike after they get over the shock of the horn you might have time to get your gun out lol good luck

  8. sorry im new an tryin to figure it all out so if I post in wrong area jus leme know and I will try again.

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    Good suggestion! would probably work well on most dogs....Not so well on 2 footed ones though....

    Welcome to the forum.

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    Two against one armed old man, sounds fair to me, colt makes us equal.

    Or: You could take out the chalk and police tape and mark where YOU hit the ground and dial 911 because the police only 15 minutes or more away.

    Or: You should sell your bike and never own another because it is obvious your bike caused the incident to take place. Demand tough anti bike laws.

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    On the other hand, moving, usually in excess of ten MPH (or better), on a bike and letting your "situational awareness" get so lax that a person CAN make a grab at you on a bike......... Like the sports commentator was heard to say: "COME ON, MAN!"

    Fanatics of any sort are dangerous! -GG-
    Which part of "... shall NOT be infringed..." confuses you?
    Well now, aren't WE a pair, Raggedy Man? (Thunderdome)

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