Cycling assault.
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Thread: Cycling assault.

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    Cycling assault.

    Recently in my community a individual was riding a bicycle along a bike trail. Parts of this trail runs through wooded areas. The individual was wearing a backpack. While riding though the wooded section the cyclist was attacked by someone whom grabbed him by his backpack and another assailant whom attacked him while the other took off with his bag iPhone and wallet and backpack.

    I also ride this trail 4-5 times weekly. I carry a Camelback Backpack. But I never carry my gun with me while I ride (which will be changing). I was wondering if anyone knew of a comfortable holster to use while riding. I have a Walther p22, Taurus 24/7 .40 cal pro as well as a Taurus 1911. My normal CCW is the 24/7 Pro. I was thinking of a upper thigh holster not sure if that's a good or bad idea.

    The other question is how would you handle this situation. If you were physically "jumped" while riding a bicycle!

  3. This is a tough one, I have a pocket style pistol (LC9) and I carry it just like that while i pocket. I challenge you this though, I have tried and it is tough. Once you find ur holster (assuming the range allows it) try taking your bike or pretending such, and being pushed off, drawing from the pocket and placing shots. I wont lie, I have not been very successful, maybe 1 in 6 shots will hit to a effective area. This assumes for 3 foot target that is not moving. Its not easy, but its better then nothing

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    What abou a fanny pack holster?

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    I recently purchased the PT-One from Pistol Wear - Holsters for Concealed Handguns. The holsters are made for athletic activity and are very comfortable.

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    Yea-- when I ride my bike in in Summer weather I carry in a fanny pack holster with the pack in the back instead of the front. Wearing it in the front can get a little uncomfortable at times.
    I usually have a little 380 in my pocket too but that's just because the 380 is always in my pocket

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    Pocket, cross-draw or appendix (if you have a slim enough build). I would think once they grab you by surprise you are down on the ground grappling and they are concentrating on your backpack and/or bike so practice. Practice (dry or better w a dummy gun) how you would draw while still on your bike and on the ground grappling. I think you'll find it is much quicker and less printed to draw from the front in either circumstance.
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    Situational awareness is number 1. You walk or ride or hike where no one else is around--dah, dah, dah, dah, dah, dah. If this is a problem and you insist on riding there--of course keep your eyes on more than your front tire and BE PREPARED. Try to ride with a group and not by yourself--less of a chance of a problem. Would also be nice if others in the group were armed. It is good that you are asking on the forum--good place to get ideas that you can use to protect yourself while enjoying cycling.
    There is an outdoor shooting range in a national forest near my home and unless I am going with a several people I do not go there and even then it is sparingly. Middle of woods, no one within earshot (duh--that is why the range is where it is), and I have firearms ripe for ripoff. Shoot me dead and no one will find me until the next shooter arrives.

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    I've seen a holster that is designed for jogging. It straps to the chest. It is pretty obvious what it is for but it should meet the concealed carry requirements.

  10. I regularly carry a fanny pack when being active. It hardly gets a second look. try wearing it on the side of your body. Regarding being attacked, Keep yourself alert and if you can't just speed off, try to dump your bike between you and them. If they come at you from both sides, dump it in front of the nearest one, move off at an angle to both of them. Now you can deal with them one at a time. Get some martial arts training. Good topic!

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    Agree with the fanny pack advice, I carry a Taurus .357 magnum 2" barrel that way, and am very active as well (biking, triathlon, kayaking, camping and backpacking, etc). The fact you can get into trouble so easily when you're out makes carrying during these periods a very good idea, but limits the ways you can do so. Fanny packs may not be a fashion statement, but if you're protecting yourself, do you really care what other people think? The ones who make fun of fanny packs would be the last ones to count on for help when you need it.

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