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  1. Had an LC9 for several months now in anticipation of Wisconsin's CCW law. Put a few hundred rounds through it with various brands of ammo from cheap to expensive. Not a hiccup or problem. No disassembly problems either. Now if my permit would just show up in the mail...

  3. As a update, I took ppls advice and painted the dot. Seems good now. I been too busy to check it out but I hope that night sights become aval for the LC9. I've carried it 99% days since I bought it. Love it to death. I call him "Shadow" kinda clever I believe. Has a ring to it too when my close friends whom know about it ask, and it doesn't even raise alarms. As far as the 1%, just had a Glock 17, those where when I was on a long road trip and concealing wasn't a huge issue, just had my winter jacket on.

    Speaking of winter, does anyone here have a better way to carry this pistol? My IWB just seems not a good choice when u have a under shirt, t shirt, sweater, and a coat. And I wear non loosey goosey jeans so putting it my pocket is out of the question. I try to go with my coat pocket but it weighs the pocket down too much. Ideas welcome

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    Simple Owb?? You can cover with sweater and coat or just coat

  5. I suppose I could, need to find a holster then. Didn't really look into them but might be the only other choice.

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    Was watching Guns and Gear TV the other night and I believe it was XS sights that make night sights for the LC9. Bought a holster for mine from a gun on Glocktalk. 40 bucks shipped for an excellent kydex holster.

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    pick up a bottle of appliance repair paint. It's bright white and holds up very well to wear and body fluids.

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    XS sights are a good system, quick center mass hits. Got them for my glock cuz I am getting that middle age "cant see my sights" thing going on! As for the trigger on the LC9, It is a DAO, hence the long trigger movement. I avoided the safety/mag safety issues by getting a Kel-Tec PF9, so far it has proven to be an outstanding little pistol. No issues. XS sights is doing the final R&D on sights for it and then it too will be wearing them. I use it as a BUG, EDC is G23.

  9. I have the Crossbreed Supertuck for my Ruger LC9 and have now been wearing it everyday morning through night for about 3 weeks. I almost don't notice it anymore. The LC9 makes a really secure "click" sound as it goes into the kydex section and the leather is wearing in nicely. You can wear shirts tucked in with it because the shirt goes between the clip and your waist. It does mean the clips will show, so another crossbreed wearer or other people familiar with holsters may notice it and know you are carrying. I don't have clothes just yet that are blousey enough to wear tucked in, but I've seen the owner on a gun show wearing a shirt tucked in and you totally don't see the gun.

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    I was told by a few instructors they have their students black out the rear dots on the training courses with a marker because for quite a few people it seems to be a targeting distraction ....

  11. Quote Originally Posted by fourmula766 View Post
    I was told by a few instructors they have their students black out the rear dots on the training courses with a marker because for quite a few people it seems to be a targeting distraction ....
    You know, I've been thinking of trying that because I am beginning to wonder if I am getting distracted by the dots. I've even heard of people blacking out the front dot. Thanks for reminding me of this.

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