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Thread: Opinions on EDC glock

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    What GunsHarleyUSA said. The 9mm ammo is easier on the wallet than .40 or .45.

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    I carry the G30SF everyday and couldn't be happier. It holds 10 + 1 of 45 and a reload using a G21 13 round mag. What's not to like? I'm skinny and I find it easy to conceal.

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    I carry the Glock 36 a lot. It's easy to carry,conceal, and has a very comfortable grip.
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    Concealable and cheap to shoot, I would go with the 26 or 19.Daily I carry my 26 without hassle or the need for shirts three times to big. Whatever caliber you choose just know that as long as it says GLOCK on the slide it will always go bang. Donít pay attention to the GLOCK haters, it just gun envy.

  6. I have both G23 and G27 I carry the G27 every day. As far as stopping ability the 40 S&W is a nice choice between 9MM and 45.

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    I own a G23c RTF-2 which is EDC. With any luck I will have a G27 by months end. The 23 is nice, and a fun gun to shoot - but it is a little hard for me to conceal with my body type. I've been thinking about the G30 but it is so close in size to the 23 that I fear it would work no better than what I already have.

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