Opinions on EDC glock
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Thread: Opinions on EDC glock

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    Opinions on EDC glock

    Hello all...wanted to get some opinions on what Glock to purchase for EDC. G23, or G30..... I currently have a sigma 9mm, but want to purchase a Glock. My question, is which one would be ideal for EDC and concealability? Also dont want to go broke on purchasing ammo.

    Thanks for your opinions!

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    I carry the g26 pretty much every day! So I would recommend the big brother the G30!
    BamaMike out!

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    I would go with the g23 great gun.

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    Yup! Got my G23...handy little gun for even a short legged Annie Oakley with little hands like mine. Love it!
    "Don't let the door hit ya where the dawg shudda bit ya!"
    G'day and Glock

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    Wrap your hand around a the flock and an xd. You'll see and feel the difference

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    Lose that Sith and Wesson pistol and get yourself a Glock. G22 is my choice.

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    get a 26 or 27 for edc

    Can't beat a 26 or 27 for edc just go with the caliber you prefer. I have a 19 which I love but a little more of a pain to carry then the subcompact. For Edc I always opt for concealability and ease of carry. i know myself and I don't want to give my subconscious and laziness an excuse to not carry. That's why I have a Ruger LCP as well

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    I have a Glock 30SF that I carry now and then. I have no complaints with it. Very accurate and reliable, but almost as bulky as my full sized Glock 21SF.

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    JSDinTexas Guest
    I have wrestled with the choice between a G30sf and G23 for a while (I have both). For me it came down to this: G30sf has 10+1, G23 has 13+1; G30sf has a wider slide than the G23 and is not as good for IWB although it's shorter in the barrel and grip; the .45 packs more punch than the .40 and will in most cases probably do the job more efficiently (although I think firepower of the .40 like the 9mm is underrated by most people as I notice that all three have the ability to stop the threat - bet I get letters on that one :D); both rounds cost about the same with the 9mm cheaper than either; in the Glock line, recoil is a non-issue for me due to design of the gun.
    So I keep carrying the G23, mainly for the round count and a little easier IWB, and always use high power JHP ammo. But although +P is available for the .45 I have never seen any for the .40 (I use +P in my G21sf by the bed, but it's backup to the Moss 500 12ga).
    Only thing I might offer is I would not buy a G30 until I've tried the G30sf - the grip reduction made a great difference for me because I have a G20 and like they say, it feels like holding a 2x4 or beer can with my smaller hands.

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    The best of the two you speak of would be the one that you can grip good and shoot well. Both guns have very different grip widths, the G-19 is more slender than the G-30, but the G-30 has more knock down power. I myself carry the G-30 and I have 10 GLOCKS in all. Shoot and carry what word\ks for you best.

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