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    Quote Originally Posted by .45ACPKimber View Post
    My favorite so far has been the crossbreed super tuck. Its durable, lifetime warranty, and comfortable.
    That goes for me too. Very compfortable and hides my Glock 19 very well.

    However, I also have a Don Hume 715 that I use when I will be putting on and taking off throughout the day, such as going to work or other places where I can't carry. If wearing all day, its the Supertuck.

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    try the galco v hawk. Iam very happy with it for my G27

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    JS IWB tuckable Holster

    I have 2 JSHolsters, Tuckable holsters ,1- for PF9 Kel Tec, and Glock 30 . Take a look on there site. I drove 16 hrs with it and never felt a thing. No printing with it tucked. Great retention. I would buy more for my other pistols.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alan Dunz View Post
    I bought a super tuck for my Steyr M9A after reading and hearing about how comfortable they are. I am more than a little disappointed. Maybe it's the horsehide, maybe it needs the combat cut, I don't know. Until I can afford a new single stack pistol and holster, I'm carrying a .22 mag derringer in my pocket. Beats having nothing.
    I suppose I could just go buy all new pants and shirts to fit the crossbreed.
    I carry a NAA 22 mag. very often and feel it is enough to do the job, which is to save me and mine. We will live to fight another day.
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    Favorite IWB holster

    I have the crossbreed minituck for my Sig P238 with laser. It is awesome! You hardly know it's there. Undetectable in almost any clothing situation. I can wear it in the car, any normal seating situation. My wife never knows it's there.
    Al Cram

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    I have a few IWB holster but I feel uncomfortable and feel fat with an added extra waistline so I use a clip. Or if I am in a dress, I use thigh carry instead. Side carry with a little jacket for formal wear or a fisherman's vest during hot days is better because I can put my camera accessories and still go to the press area to take photographs at certain events without having to have my backpack inspected.
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    I like a comp-tac. Its like a crossbree but easier to maintain

  9. Quote Originally Posted by .45ACPKimber View Post
    My favorite so far has been the crossbreed super tuck. Its durable, lifetime warranty, and comfortable.
    +1 on this...I've tried many IWB holsters from the Summer Comfort to the Crossbreed Supertuck, including the Kydex IWB's. After trying my first Crossbreed for my XD45 and wearing it for 6 month's, I bought one for my 1911 Officers, and CZ RAMI. After about a 2 week breakin period, you can wear it all day and almost forget you have it on. :-)

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    Has anyone tried a Garrett Industries Silent Thunder? I see they are a combination Kydex with a leather insert to protect the pistols' finish. Everyone that has one seems to have given it very high marks but that is with small pistols. Anyone try it with larger (XD's or M&P's)ones? I have also heard their customer service is top notch too like Crossbreed. Just asking.

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    My favorite IWB

    I like my Crossbreed AND Kholsters. I own both. I have one of each for a Kahr P-45, Glock 27, Taurus PT-745, and Ruger LCP.
    The Crossbreed has 'combat cut', which allows faster acquisition of my grips, but also allows for 'slide bite' where the grips are not isolated from my rib cage. It has metal belt clips which seem to hold onto the belt very well. They also seem to hold onto my sweat pants pretty well.
    The Kholster has a full leather piece between the grip and the gun grips. This protects my ribs from slide bite. This does take a little practice to get used to gripping the gun quickly. It also has the metal clips.
    Both of them allow almost as many angles as I want. I like my gun with a pronounced forward sweep to it, because the sweep brings the grip forward and reduces the chances of 'printing' when I bend forward (ie to tie my shoes). Both allow me to tuck any shirt between the gun and clips, I can wear either one comfortably with tucked-in t-shirt, polo shirt, dress shirt,or just like old IWB holsters (untucked), etc
    I also had a Tucker Answer for my Glock. The plastic clips broke a couple of times, and I still don't have replacements.
    I hope this helps.

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