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  1. 45 acp nothing less

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    springfield XD subcompact in .40 s&w. sometimes its my S&W M&P.

    didnt know H&k made a M&P model.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ed Hamberger View Post
    I carry a cork gun and a cap pistol for backup...
    You should check into airsoft or paintball.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ed Hamberger View Post
    I carry a cork gun and a cap pistol for backup...
    My clothes pin rubber band gun got beat by a cork gun and a cap pistol, DAMM!
    The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday

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    Usually 380. Always pepper spray, but New Jersey will do that to you!

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    EDC varies from Glock 21SF & Kahr CW45 (both .45 ACP) or the wheelguns, a Model 66 or 686 (.357 Mag). Hard to beat either one of those caliber choices.
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    I think a good addition to this question would be the percentage of the day you wear your weapon. I have my Sig P238 on my hip from the time I get out of bed till the time I go to bed and my days are 16-18 hours long on average. I of course take it off to shower.

  9. Glock 27 and PDX SW 40

    My main carry due to body size is G 27 in a 511 fanny with defensive 40 SW.

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    I carry anything from a .32 Tomcat to a 9 mm. dependent on appropriate clothing for the season, how far into the cold cruel world (LOL!) I'm journeying and perceived probabilities of potential use during the sojourn.

    Besides, don't want any of the armory "members" to begin to feel neglected! LOL!

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    Logic would tell me that you carry the biggest calibre that you can easily conceal, feel comfortable with carrying, and can actually shoot with accuracy. Personally, I know that regardless of those on the forum who find everyday life to be a small step away from murder and mayhem and must CC literally 24/7 with some form of bazooka, I am uncomfortable with anything on me other than my clothes, a credit card, a $20, and a car key; when I decided to minimally carry (in car for road rage, at night) it had to be small and very light or I would not bother. KelTec P3AT (380) does the trick. ,

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