Concealed Carry Caliber
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Thread: Concealed Carry Caliber

  1. Concealed Carry Caliber

    I carry the Kahr 40. It is the smallest gun in the largest caliber that I have found. Nobody has ever detected it.

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    Para Hawg .45ACP

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    Glock 30SF .45ACP - everyday, all day!

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    Depends upon what I'm wearing which depends on the weather which affects what I'm doing ... :)
    Some times Officer's model 45acp, sometimes Bersa 380, sometimes 22 revolver, sometimes S&W 629 with 6" barrel.

  6. I bought and carry the Kahr 40 because of its size it was recommended to me by a cop in ohio its his back up gun. I also carry a LCP 380 as a boot gun as a back up. Both guns are very easy to shoot and conceal. I highly recommend both as a CCW.

  7. I carry a Glock 21 and nobody notices it. Kahr makes a .45 ACP version of your pistol. Glock has their G26 .40, G29 10mm, G36 .45 ACP and G39 .45 GAP (which is a shortened .45 ACP casing, same bullet, but unable to fire in a regular .45 ACP nor can .45 ACP be fired in GAP pistol). Springfield has their line of of XD pistols and does H&K with their M&P line of Pistols.

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    Glock 23 40. S&W Gen 3

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    Classic ... ask 40 guys get 40 answers

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    Smith & Wesson M&P .357 sig and or 1911 .45 ACP.

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    I carry a cork gun and a cap pistol for backup...
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