XDM .40 compact or Glock 27?
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Thread: XDM .40 compact or Glock 27?

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    XDM .40 compact or Glock 27?


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    I was actually wondering the EXACT same thing.

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    The XDM 40 compact is 450 with never fired and 20 rds of Hornady TAP........the Glock 26 is 418 from dealer?

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    Have an XDM .40 but mine is full size, and is a good gun with an 18 round mag, a real plus in my opinion.
    I C carry a full sized HK USP .45 daily, and have now for quite a number of years, with out ever being spotted, strong side pancake...

    BOT I like my XDM, it comes with some nice accessory's, kyrodex holster, dual mag pouch, and extra grips... Good gun company too.... Smooth, accurate, the wife carried it when we were in the desert...

    I also have a XD 9 compact with the extended 18 round mag, I have big hands and need something to hold on to, small guns and big hands do not work well period. You should see me when I shoot my American Arms 5 shot .22 mag derringer, both of these I use as a Bug....

    Glock, I have issues with them more for personal ascetics than all else... lots of ND's you have to take it to a certified Glock armor to be worked on or your warranty is null and void... all though it is basically the same trigger on the XD as the Glock I personally do not like the Glock trigger, but then some love it... Glock does have a good rep though, lots of them out there so more add on's should be available depending on if you want to trick it out or not...
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    I like glock my brother XD

    I myself love. Glock he loves the XD they are similar it's really comes to small things in each gun you prefer.
    I love the options and simpleness of the glock. The XD isn't far different but what is differant makes me choose a glock.
    Not that I wouldn't carry an XD if I had 1 lol.

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    Lots of answers to that question...It's mainly preference...(Ford or Chevy...?)Which one feels more comfortable in your hand? the Glock(older models)have a different "grip angle" than the XD, some people just don't like the way it feels or can't get used to the grip angle.The XD grip angle has the same "feel"as a "1911"

    I own 3 Glock's and 2 1911's

  8. XD all the way

    The Glock is a good gun, don't get me wrong, but I personally prefer the Springfield. Everyone makes a big deal aboiut the 'Glock' trigger. The XD uses the same idea, but the trigger safety on the XD is metal, not plastic. The XD has a grip safety, based on the same idea as the old 1911, but is more comfortable, IMO, and both safeties must be engaged to allow the weapon to fire. My decision to buy the XD was based on an article by a gentleman who purchased two XDs and put them through the same torture test as Glock is famous for. The XDs came through with flying colors. I was trained as a cop that my weapon has to fire when I want it to, and does not if the conditions are wrong. The XD does this in spades. I hope soon to be able to purchase an XD(M).40 Compact.
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  9. Xdm or glock

    Well I have the XDM 45, full size and love it. I chose it on the comfort and reliability but the thing is glock set those standards to begin with and now the big companies follow, suit seems like springfield, and sig are now doing the same, freezing, burying, dropping out of helos just like the feel of the grip better either way, good weapons just, test and see what, you like best is all

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    XD-40 or Glock 27

    I'm blessed to own one of each(XD-40 & Glock 27) and the answer is YES ! ! !

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