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Thread: LEO seriously abuses CCW holder

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    Any so called good cop who tolerates a bad cop is a BAD COP! NUFF SAID!

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    First look at the beginning, I am with the LEOs---dark deserted kind of area, appears to be a prostitute/drug related situation. In no time at all, everything goes haywire. I agree with previous replier---make sure these LEOs are fired; bring suit against the city etal settling for public apology and firing of LEOs. Trouble is they will be hired by another city--this happens all the time. I agree that this is the 1 in a 1000 and not the norm. These LEOs did not follow procedure and were caught up in the moment to the point that they really demonstrated inexcusable behaviour.

  4. Well, this made the homepage of foxnews.com today. Maybe it will get the attention it deserves.

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    After reading all the various threads now will have to wait and see what the final outcome will be with the courts. I agree the officer went way overboard and should suffer consequences for his actions. This could be used as a good training video as what not to do as so many things could have gone horribly wrong. Glad the dash camcorder recording did not get lost or erased and has been posted all over the internet. No Way to deny anything.

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    Everyone wants the officer fired, I agree. People want the ccw holder to sue..eh i don't agree, but that is just my opinion. But why wouldn't everyone want the police officer to go to jail? He assaulted someone with a deadly weapon three times!

    1. Treatening to stick a gun to civilians head
    2. Threatening to cave in civilians face
    3. Threatening to execute civilian

    All these would land a civilian in jail over night at least. This officer is not just a bad cop, but a bad person through and through.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WB9IIE View Post
    Having been a LEO in both military and civilian life, my only main comment is that Officer Billy Bad-Ass is LUCKY that the driver was not a bad guy. One would think that the first thing that should have happened is to identify ALL the occupants of the vehicle immediately, then obtain permission to search the vehicle. The way THIS incident was mishandled is an indication that both officers need some re-training before the Watch Commander and Chaplain make a surprise visit to someone's widow. I cincerely hope that the Canton Police Department take severe disciplinary action with both of the officers involved, and that the driver (victim) of this act files a lawsuit against the department and the two officers involved.
    These officers need some serious jail time. They clearly infringed on the right to carry, they clearly infringed on the Miranda rights, they clearly violated the owners rights entering his car without obtaining permission, they clearly communicated threats of death or doing serious bodily harm with both firearms and nightsticks against cooperative civilians (either of which should by law entitle the CCW holder to fear for his life and use his weapon in self defense)... if this is what we have to count on cops for, we may be better off counting them as being among the bad guys we're having to defend ourselves against. Who would ever in their right mind think a cop is your friend in a BAD situation, when they can't do anything but abuse you in a FRIENDLY situation. Astonishing!

    [the more times I watch this video, the madder I get... the cops need to lose their rights to ever touch a gun again in multiple felony convictions, which would make them unemployable as cops, EVER AGAIN!]

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    One more thing I picked up on in seeing this video again, the first cop threatened to execute the driver, and said his fellow cop would be a supportive witness to him doing it. Seems to me there are problems of corruption, racketeering, and criminal conspiracy running rampant in the Canton Police Department. The assumption that he could execute a civilian, and the fact that the 2nd officer went along with that scenario without question says they have an established criminal empire, no different than the Afghan and Pakistani Armies have their al Quaeda operations deep in their operations. This is a threat to any and all Americans, and I take it much more personally having relatives in Ohio, and having to go there to visit them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by localgirl View Post
    Let me translate for you: Oh crap. I just searched a car without even speaking to the driver or asking his permission. If I had done that, I would have been informed he had a weapon, instead of sticking my head someplace it could have been blown off. Jeez I'm a jackass. I feel really stupid and embarrassed now. I'm going to have to take it out on this guy so I can save face and still look a macho bad-ass.
    He mos def didn't have the best SA (situational awareness) of the situation from the start to the end of this encounter. Had that been a real bad guy both officers would now be in a casket with full honors, for being stupid and complacent.

    He totally ignores the driver during the first 7 minutes of the stop. He's lucky it was a law abiding citizen with CCWD permit. He's upset due to his own lack of controlling the priniciple that really mattered in this incicdent. So yes, he's taking out his own stupidity on the CCDW holder, prostitute or no prostitute.

    How many threats did that officer make for bodily injury doing this stop ?? Good gawd dude, you need a hug.
    "When a government robs Peter to pay Paul it will alway's have the support of Paul" George Bernard Shaw

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    Mr. Steroid Rage "I'll execute you" Bad Ass Cop needs to have his knees tapped a few times with a baseball bat. Act like a thug, get treated like a thug.
    Prov. 27:3 - "Stone is heavy and sand a burden, but provocation by a fool is heavier than both"

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