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Thread: Automatic CCW permits for all military vets with honorable DD214 service?

  1. Sounds like a great idea to me. Like you, I have multiple Marksmanship medals, a TS clearance, which required a heck of a lot more detailed background check than NICS, and, if I could be trusted to fly a B-52 carrying nuclear weapons, I think they should trust me to carry a pistol.

  3. The problem is not fire arm proficiency...... The issue for training is to cover the rules of engagement, and the rules for use of deadly force. THE RULES ARE DIFFERENT!

    While I found the training was not as expensive as one might think, I also found it to be very valuable, for a situation in which I might have used deadly force while Vin the military, is not a valid use in civilian world.....

    The training is more about the laws then firearm proficiency, while they do go over fire arm safety. Some states require moderate proficiency on revolvers ( dbl action) and semiautos. Others require qualifying on the gun which will be carried.

    They did not teach me a thing about my firearms, I welcomed the course and the training on the laws....

    I took the hunters safety class in the mid 1970's and have taken it since..... I will be taking the carry classes again, for laws change, and the instructor we had is also a law enforcement officer which he also gave us info Mon how to deal with laws enforcement while carrying and not carrying (where I am, I can open or conceal carry) .....

    There are some that I served with, I would not allow on my firing range. They should never handle a firearm much less be permitted to have permission to carry..... NO MATTER WHAT MILITARY TRAINING THERY HAVE HAD!!!


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    You're right. Laws DO change. And they can change the day after you graduate from your class. Yet you and all other licensed concealed carriers are still responsible for knowing them and complying with them, without ever having covered them in class. Not only can you know and comply with laws without ever having a class on them, you must know and comply with them without that class. Every state knows this, and every concealed carrier knows this. So obviously a class isn't required for people to know and comply with the law.
    Concealed carry classes aren't for tactics and there are no rules of engagement. ROEs are a military concept and they're wholly situational in nature. Instances of self defense are almost entirely unplanned and unanticipated, so there are no 'standard' situations that you could establish rules of engagement for. Even if you could, no training class would be long enough to cover all of the possible ROEs for all of the different possible situations.
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    I automatically got the 2nd amendment with my birth certificate.

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