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Thread: travel?

  1. travel?

    I live in Indiana and I am taking a trip to Florida. All the states I will drive through accepts my CCW, do I still need to have a lock box?

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    You did not specify your mode of transport...will it be by road or by air? Just asking...
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    Not in GA

  5. I won't b going through GA, and I'll b driving

  6. Well if they recognize your license to carry then you shouldn't, seeing as you are allowed to carry there.

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    Moving Thru the States

    Check Concealed Carry - Reciprocity Maps - Concealed Weapons Permit Info to determine:
    1. If you can carry - my first guess is yes - Florida for sure.
    2. Where you can carry. It is different in each state, in sometimes odd ways.
    3. Are you required to notify the officer if/when stop - not sure per state - Florida no.
    4. Can you carry in rest stops - not sure per state - Florida and Georgia Yes
    5. Eating in places where alcohol is served.
      • Florida - Yes, if you do not sit at the bar.
      • Georgia - If you do not drink
      • Others - not sure
    6. If you have time, confirm the use of deadly force rules. In Florida IF
      • ​You are in a place where you have the legal right to be
      • Did not create the altercation
      • You can met force with equal (up to and including deadly) force
      • With the goal of stopping an immediate forciable felony
      • With no requirement to retreat
      • You can defend anybody
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    Maybe just hire a lawyer from each state as a traveling companion?
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  9. I think laws vary from state to state.

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