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    I've had my pistol permit (with a hunting/target restriction) for about two years now, and I've planned on getting the restrictions removed as soon as I was legally able. Every gun owner I've spoken to has a different story about the process involved, from how long I have to wait to begin the process to the fees (if any, again, I've heard several variations and therefore I'm confused as hell about it) and wait times. I live in Hamburg, NY (Erie County). Does anyone know what the process entails, as well as any prerequisites I will have to fulfill? Thanks.

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    You will have to fill out the upgrade request form availible on line there are no fees for this.you must answer all questions and provide any valid reason to Judge Boller for issuing you Unrestricted dont use carry large sums of cash that doesnt work. He is fair and will consider your reasoning as long as it's not for carrying cash.after you complete form best bet to hand deliver to EC Pistol Permit office yourself.

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