Good Concealed Weappn for Big Hands
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Thread: Good Concealed Weappn for Big Hands

  1. Good Concealed Weappn for Big Hands

    Im a big guy so I have big hands. A lot of the compacts do not fit well in my hands. Does anyone have a recommendation for a 9 mm that conceals easily but works well for someone with large hands?

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    X Large gloves are tight for me.
    I carry G26 or G30. G30 fits my hands better but both work for me.

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    Smith and Wesson M&P 9, and I'm sure there are a few Glocks out there as well.
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    Definitely check out the M&P pistols. But since you have big hands, I'd opt for the .45 instead of the 9mm or the .40 S&W. The big deal about the M&P line of pistols is that they have interchangeable backstraps, 3 included with the gun in S, M, and L.
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  6. Any twin-stack 9mm should do the trick. You can always add a Hogue grip to make it wider for your hands. Might I suggest one of these as metal options:

    9mm twin-stack 1911
    9mm Baby Eagle or Jericho - a Hogue wrap-around is available on gunbroker for these and it's not a slip-on
    9mm CZ75, P-01
    9mm Browning

    In polymers you'll be in the same boat, add a Hogue to help the width. Any good polymer 9mm will do you some justice, just find what feels best in your hands.

    A particular polymer 9mm that I've been told to be good with large hands, oddly enough, is the CZ P-07 Duty. I loaned my old one to a good friend and he fell in love with it.

  7. My husband has big hands (one of his nicknames is "Shreck"). He really likes his Sig P226 - he has it in .40 but I think it can be obtained in any of the major calibers. My son, who has hands almost as large as his Dad's (but shaped very differently - he has smaller palms but longer fingers) also has a Sig P226 in 9mm. He likes it as well.

    I have fairly small hands, and I carry an M&P 9mm - I use the smallest palm swell and I find it quite comfortable and I can shoot accurately with it.

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    Para Hawg .45ACP Great Compact .45 Its Small, and is made for bigger hands.

  9. I have large hands and a big guy too (6'2" 290)
    The guns I use for carry are a Sig Sauer P226 in 9mm and a Glock 26 but with a Pinky extension from Scherer (its longer than the others on the market) or I use a 15rd mag with a grip sleeve depending on what I'm wearing. But if your looking for a small gun then go with the Glock 26 and follow my changes I do

    Good Luck

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    I love my Ruger SR9C. Carry it daily.

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    I have big hands I carry glock 26 but you might Like the 30 also might want a gen 4 as the have different back strap options from factory, and after market for different feels.

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