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    Smile Car safe question (newbie)

    I am new to this and have a question about the car safe shown. Is it installed in a car, or loose in the trunk? Never seen one before. Wondered where they go.

  3. There are several types of car safes. There are models that bolt in or models that have a cable that is connected to a secure part of the vehicle.

  4. You might as well just leave the gun on the front seat. Get the safe secured permanently, prefer in the trunk where hidden from casual walk by observasion. Remember also that if your car gets stolen you are also loseing your gun. So add some additional trigger deterrant/lock if possible.

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    The one in the Concealed Carry Giveaway is from Console Vault and they go inside your center console.

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    Here's a whole bunch. They are custom-fitted to your vehicle's console. Shop Console Vaults

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    I have one that has a cable that is under the front seat. I only store my pistol when I can't carry it with me. (Not very often.) I have another one that I screwed down in the trunk of my wifes car. Neither are impossible to get into, but it would make a heck of a racket! Both safes double to hold extra cash while traveling.

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