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Thread: What do you guys make of this video?

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    Great cop, one of the many that never make the news. Only the bad cops make the news.
    Im sure cops handle these situations like this everyday across the country, but when one cop handles it bad, everybody finds out about it and people complain about them on forums like this.

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    After viewing the Canton Ohio debacle, this video was a pleasure to watch.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rifleshooter474 View Post
    For some real stupid idea that open carry would cause FEAR in many stupid sheappeople, and just maybe someone would draw on another like in a old western movie. There is a lot of God fearing people in Oklahoma, if they had their way there would be no firearms carried except by the cops.
    Hell in Tulsa the cops are the ones you had better fear.
    Rifleshooter, I have been stopped by the Tulsa PD. Handed him my D.L. and my CCW permit, told him the gun was beside me. He said, Ok, walked back to his car, checked me out, came back handed my my stuff and said have a great day. No ticket nor attitude. I think you have dealt with one of the "John Wayne" syndrome cops of Tulsa. There are enough of those everywhere.

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