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    Wow - so by this guys rationale the more dangerous it gets (1:30 in bad neighborhood) - the less you should have a tool to defend yourself. By this logic, once the roads get really slippery and icy that's when I'll unbuckle my seat belt. Good plan. How about I wear my seat belt all the time when I drive just in case since I don't know when an accident will hit.

  3. There are so many irrational comments in his statements that it is unbelievable. However the one that stands out to me is he talks about this being a "crime ridden neighborhood" then says, “Citizens are stepping forward saying we want to be protected, well we are being protected”.

    He also makes comments about people caring in schools, universities and bars. Well that has nothing to do with the CCW laws, these are places where we cannot carry even with a permit. (Sept 30, 11 the law is change for alcohol establishments, but obviously you cannot drink while carrying)

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    Yup, his comments unless takes severely out of context are dumb, stupid, irrational and completely off the subject of what people are complaining about. From what I saw in the video there is absolutely no excuse for the cop acting the way he did and there is no way anyone can justify his actions. It has nothing to do with the right to legally or illegally carry a gun at 1:30 in the morning or afternoon. It was a cop totally off his rocker and needs to be dealt with. It did not matter if it was about the crime of jaywalking or drug dealing it unprofessional and wrong. Quit tryng to change the subject.

  5. Truth

    Quote Originally Posted by Templing View Post
    Yep I live in cleveland suburb I rather go to Cleveland then to the akron / canton area any day. But I rather stay away from either if I have a choice.
    Same here. Seems every day there is some news out of the akron/canton area about a violent crime. In Cleveland it is more like every OTHER day. In Akron you can go get a permit to be a bum. True story get a permit then you can pan handle anywhere as loing as you have your permit. All the busy innersections have some guy down on his luck.

    They just dont make the best decisions down there, most likely because of guys like this being in charge.

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    Quote Originally Posted by father-of-three View Post
    Does anyone have a link to the video of the police encounter? When I last checked, I didn't see it on You tube and I would still like to see it.

    With regards to the City council president, he seems like he does not want to listen to anyone outside his municipality. He started on that rather famous Barbara Boxer rant about "Common Sense" gun laws. He also seemed to be OK with prostitution and crime at 1:30 in the morning, but not OK with carrying a firearm at 1:30 in the morning. He sounds like he has the hallmarks of an anti-gun politician.

  7. Well Said!!!!!

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