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    Glock Gen 4

    I have seen some posts on the internet about issues with the Gen 4, I just picked up a G26 gen 4 and was wondering anyone has had issues regarding the Gen 4, or us it just a rumor mill from Glock haters?

  3. Just use 124 grain. Should be fine. Apparently spring system lacks force needed to feed and were tested using 124 grain not 115.

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    The issues were around the dual recoil springs for the Glock 19 and 17. The dual recoil spring that shipped originally were the same ones as those used in the 40cal versions and a little too stiff for lighter ammo. The springs were version 01 on the 17 and 03 on the 19. If you call Glock, they will send you free of charge a 02, or an 04 spring for you Glock 17 or 19 and that works beautifully for 115 grain ammo (or any other kind). I've had no problems with my 19 and 115 grain ammo with the new spring. I assume that with the Glock 26 since even Gen 3 was a dual recoil spring, this issue should already have been ironed out, and you should have 0 reliability problems

  5. I have a Gen 4 19, and this ammo issue might explain my problem. I been gettin a few fail to eject or double feed issues. I thought it might be the mag but I am running 115g FMJ so ill just upping the firepower and see if that works. I do have defensive rounds for it which are higher then 124g but its not my carry weapon, a Ruger LC9 is. Hehe.

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    Glad to see Glock took care of the problem quickly, and offers a good fix for those in need of it as well. Glock is still at the top, or very very close to it, ok, at the top of reliability and if you need evidence of such it is easily found. Where? Well, now and again, with the hundreds of thousands, well millions over the past 25 yrs, of them being sold we may hear of one or two with an issue, or hear of a model recently that has an issue (although immediately and easily fixed) and there is a bandwagon that anti-glockers jump onto. I'm an analogy guy, so it'd be kinda like a sports team of whatever stripe that has won championships "too many" years in a row and are just too good to be true. Then, when they have a bad play or a foul against a team member, everyone who does not follow that team might jump on the wagon and start typing "so much for your superiority", or whatever the appropriate verbage would be here... But you get the idea. You glock haters know I'm right, and it just twists you up, doesn't it!
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    I took the G26 gen 4 to the range today, I could not be more happier with it, 150 rds through it with 115g WWB, flawless...and extremely it

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    I have a question about Gen 4 Glocks. Are they any better than my G27

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    G27 generation 3 or 4?

  10. in the market

    I am doing a few Glock test drives and I end up with a slide bite almost every time. The web of my hand gets abused pretty hard. I have big paws so I don't hold it against the pistol just the way it fits my hand. I was thinking of adding an aftermarket beaver tail to a Gen 4 to protect my hand. Any thoughts? I primarily shoot my CZ and mark 3 at the range but I have a Glock 22 on my radar.

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    The only things that changed between Gen 3 and 4 for the G26/G27 are the backstrap, checkering configuration, and magazine release. According to an armorer that I spoke with the recoil assembly did not change on these models. (These models already had the dual recoil spring in their Gen 2 and 3 configurations.)

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