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Thread: Concealing full sized pistols

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    Quote Originally Posted by Iam2Taz View Post
    5'11" 225 - Full size 1911 in a Crossbreed ST. The key is proper clothing and a GOOD Belt.
    I have never tried a shoulder holster. Thought about though.
    Ah... GOOD BELT!!! Yes indeed... Good belt makes a world of difference. The Wilderness Original Easy Fit Instructors Belt...

    Easy-Fit Original Instructor Belt - NEW OPTIONS!

    Ahhhhh! comfort and security...
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    I'll seek cover in case it goes badly..

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    If I have my full-size gun on me, I wear a fisherman's vest. It covers it very well. I am a photographer (as opposed to a snapshooter) so if someone will notice, they usually comment and/or look at my camera gear than my gun which is concealed but ready to use in a heartbeat should the situation calls for it.
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    At 6'0" and 280 I have a full sized S&W Sigma 9mm. It sits under my shirt with little trouble.

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    I carried full size (Glock 17) for many years because that is all I had. (licensed as a young lad at 21). I am 6'4" and thin so concealing it wasn't too much of a problem, but after getting a sub compact Glock 26, it is so much more comfortable now. I can't believe I carried so often with a full size.

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    Im skinny and still conceal my full size G22 when I want to carry it. Not too hard to do. IWB or shoulder holster. Wear clothing that helps conceal too.

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    I'm 6'4" and 225 lbs and the only comfortable way I've found to carry a full sized firearm in hot weather is the Cell Pal Holster. Since it'll work with multiple guns in shorts or anything you wear, I love to be able to change guns in the "recession-proof holster." Be sure to check out the videos on their site before using it - great ideas on draw techniques! This is a great addition to your winter wear shoulder, IWB, OWB, SOB holsters.
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  8. 1911

    I carry a full sized 1911 in .45 ACP in a cross breed holster.I've never dealt with a more comfortable holster in my life.doesn't matter what I wear it concealed and I can work, bend over squat doesn't matter, very comfortable.

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    I've found that the best way to conceal one of my full-size pistols is to hide it behind one of my assault rifles. That way nobody notices.
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    I mean, I've tried the Fobus snap-lock holsters, but they're kind of a hassle in just everyday activities, and too noisy. And they get hung-up on things unexpectedly.

    What, exactly, is the benefit of the Fobus concealed holsters, I wonder?
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  11. I'm 5'8 and weigh 190-200.
    Seems like the Crossbreeds are the winner. They are the only ones who make an Xdm holster.

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