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  1. Sig + BladeTech

    I do not consider a Sig 250P Compact in 357sig very compact...but a Bladetech Ultimate Concealment Holster (kydex) is surprisingly effective. I am 5'6" 140lbs and can conceal when I wear the 250P under a Hawaiian shirt untucked. The holster allows tucked carry too. Overall, it's fairly comfortable, but you'll never forget it's there with the large mass on the belt.

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    I carry an XDM 40 in a Crossbreed Supertuck with a Crossbreed belt. Very few problems with printing. I'm 6 ft and almost 300 lbs. A loose fitting shirt untucked works well. I've also carried tucked under a dress shirt and wearing a light dress coat. You'll enjoy both the holster and weapon.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by everythingadam:223286
    I'm 6'0" with a thin build, and in the past I've given up the thought of CC a full size. Anybody who falls into that same body size found a good solution?
    Man I am 6 feet slim build as well. I carry a full size 1911 in a crossbreed. It's very comfortable, even with shorts and a t shirt.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 6shootercarry View Post
    Ah... GOOD BELT!!! Yes indeed... Good belt makes a world of difference. The Wilderness Original Easy Fit Instructors Belt...

    Easy-Fit Original Instructor Belt - NEW OPTIONS!

    Ahhhhh! comfort and security...

    Yep, I have one and it's excellent. Also use a heavey duty gun belt from Gun Belts by The Belt Man Great belt and good service. Takes 30 days to receive though, but worth it.

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    Im 5'8'' and 285 lbs, i carry a full size 1911 in a crossbreed supertuck at the 8 oclock position, very easy to conceal and very comfortable

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    I'm 6'/215lbs and I have two holsters I use regularly with my XD40 Service: SuperTuck and Smart Carry-- both used as the situation dictates. I really need a black belt for the SuperTuck as I think the only way someone would know I'm carrying is to see the black clips that go over the belt and my main belt is cordovan.

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    I usually carry a full size HK USP45 in a Galco Holster.

  9. 6'0" 215lbs, I carry a Glock 22 in a Blackhawk CQC paddle holster with a slight foward cant at 4 o'clock with almost no printing, but I usualy wear button down shirts untucked that are loose fit, I have even worn heavy wieght T-shirts with no printig. As mentioned in other comments it depends on your body type and how you dress and of course use a good quality belt, helps if you decide on OWB.

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    What I carry

    I carry a XDm S&W 40, I use a home made rig that is similar to
    a Crossbreed holster. - I carry 85% of the time. My other carry is
    a XD 45 acp, which I can use my home made rig with it also. I'm 6'
    about 222 -- With this rig I can where a shirt in or out with very
    little printing. In the winter I have a T-Shirt holster that I wear
    (to hot in the summer time)

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