Concealing full sized pistols
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Thread: Concealing full sized pistols

  1. Concealing full sized pistols

    I just got my first pistol, an XDM 40.
    I got the full sized with the full intention of concealing it.
    I'm looking at Thunderwear or Crossbreed.
    I have a Blackhawk Serpa shoulder rig, but its still way too hot to put a shirt over it.

  3. Like to help, but we need to know height, weight, build.

    I;m 5'11, 195, and I work out. So, carrying a G22 without printing isn't that hard with a summer shirt.

    I also have a Kramer IWB and a Galco SSS. I'll be picking up a Crossbreed IWB this week. I have an Alessi shoulder rig for cold weather, etc.
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    im a big guy 6'2 260 and carry a springfield XD subcompact .40 in a crossbreed supertuck. even with the full mag i still dont print very much with the right shirt. i will always say go crossbreed. cant beat their cust service or lifetime warranty.

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    carrying a 40 cal.

    I too have a 40 Cal. it is a Glock model 22 I am looking into the breakaway pants seems like it might be a good change from the bulky holster that I have to try to cover with a shirt or coat

  6. Clothes make the concealed carrier.

    If your circumstances will allow you to wear a loose untucked shirt, I bet you can conceal it without any problems. In colder months, I can cover about anything with a loose sweatshirt or jacket. And that goes for IWB or OWB.

    But I would advise against spending too much on multiple holsters. Before you know it, you've spent enough to buy a second (smaller) pistol. Please don't think I'm knocking your's a great one. But you'll probably run into situations when you want to carry, but don't want the weight and bulk. For example, when I go jogging tonight I'll still be armed, but it will be a S&W Airweight, as opposed to a 1911, or G32.

    Congrats on the new purchase.
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  7. I'm short 5'7", medium built, and CC a full size pistol. I carry it in a khoster IWB, 3:00 canted forward. I wear jeans and a T-shirt with no printing. I never thought I could CC a full size pistol, and needed to try some positions and cant,now it's comfortable and as I said no ptinting
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  8. I carry a full-sized M&P .45 in an IWB without much issue. The easiest way for me is a casual attire with basically a tucked in t-shirt of some sort, colored, printed, etc., doesn't matter, then an unbuttoned 'camp' shirt is worn over that. This works even in the Texas summer heat. Or one could just where the camp shirt alone, buttoned and un-tucked. The most important thing that I find is that the cover shirt hides best if it has a pattern printed or woven into the shirt. It helps break up the straight lines of the gun butt and magazines.

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    I agree with the CrossBreed SuperTuck as a best option... I carry a full size M&P45 in mine and no one notices it... Of course most people in my area are like sheep and have their heads in the grass...

    There is another option for IWB holsters that are built like the CrossBreed, but have some more "refinements".

    Home Page LHS holsters

    The guy is a legitimate maker... I have one of his custom creations and the fit and finish are top notch. Customer service is fantastic... Look for his stuff on Facebook...
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    I'm 5'9", 190 lbs, and I'm carrying a Glock 36, the "compact" 45 auto, the same gun I used for CCW class. I'm right-handed, wear a vertical shoulder holster on the left with strap...and I STRONGLY recommend a retainer strap for any shoulder holster. Here's why: A few months ago, we had a lot of tornado action in the area, and I was out helping clear roads and property of fallen trees. At one point, I got my foot entangled and took a sudden fall backwards (yeah, I was wearing my old shoulder holster without a strap). Fortunately, I didn't break a leg; but, after a couple of minutes, I realized my damned Glock was missing! It slipped right out when I fell; in the excitement of the moment, I wasn't aware it was gone. I scrambled back to the scene, got on my hands and knees searching under the debris, and FOUND the damned gun. Soon as I got home, I threw my shoulder holster in the trash, went online and ordered a tactical-style with retainer strap. Don't leave home without it.
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    5'11" 225 - Full size 1911 in a Crossbreed ST. The key is proper clothing and a GOOD Belt.
    I have never tried a shoulder holster. Thought about though.

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